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Although Jenny and I have never felt a need for a hip belt on any of our Ray-Way Backpacks, we know that many hikers prefer using a hip belt. In keeping with our philosophy of simplicity, function and lightweight, we designed an optional Hip Belt type Ray-Way Backpack Kit that you can order.

Our hip belt is lightly built, which makes it easy to sew together. The components are basic: a padded belt with webbing and a side release buckle so you can adjust the fit.

But please note that our hip belt cannot be added to an existing Ray-Way pack. It wouldn't fit. We have two designs for our Backpack Kit - one without a hip belt, and the other with a hip belt. The first pack is the most comfortable to carry. The second is 2" longer so the hip belt reaches the hips.

So if you choose the hip belt option at order time, you will be getting a whole different size of backpack.

And once again, we don't care for a hip belt, personally, because we don't want the backpack to reach all the way down to the hip area where it would interfere with the biomechanics of the hiking motion in the all-important hip area. On a shorter hike this is not important, but on a longer hike this starts to get more important, and during a summer-long hike we consider it critical.

Of course, for this to work the load must be reasonably lightweight to begin with. Personally, if our loads are over 50 pounds, (when high-altitude mountaineering for example, humping loads between camps) then we use a heavy-duty backpack with a hip belt. But when just hiking a trial, we find our hip-belt-less Ray-Way Backpacks are much more comfortable to carry. Especially when we are trying to make the maga-miles.

Always think for yourself. But personally if we feel a need for a hip belt when hiking, we know our loads are too heavy, and it is time to rethink our gear section with an eye to lighten our baseline loads.

Charles P.

Charles P.

Charles P.

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