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The Ray-Way Tarp Kit

Make Your Own Camping Tarp!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Pg 6: Customer Photos

One Tree, One Stick Pitch Under a Pinion Pine. Will Lady

"I recently thru-hiked the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. I could not have done it without your help - gear, knowledge (from your books), and inspiration. I wanted to thank you for making this trip possible, something I have dreamed of and planned for more than 10 years. Attached is a photo of a 2 person tarp taken last year. It is pitched near Abyss Lake below Mt Evans in Colorado during a CDOW volunteer Marmot & Pika survey. The tarp did great during a hail storm then, and excelled this year during a very wet and stormy July on the CO trail." - Tim F., Colorado

Along the AT in Maine, Chris C.

Here are both our tarp and the completed net-tent on the second morning of our 100+ mile trip of traversing the Uintas in Utah. Both were great and went a long way to lightening our loads. The tarp saved us from several severe soakings on the last few days. We were able to set up the tarp quickly and get out of the rain. Thanks for everything! -John W.

Island camping in Catalina. James and Gena Gibling

"Just wanted to share a Picture of my awesome Ray-Way tarp in use with ya'all. I modified it slightly to work with my hammock, which it does perfectly. This summer I used the tarp on a 12 day 80+ mile backpacking trip were it preformed excellently!" -David D.

"My tarp set up at Wilpena Pound. I'm sure you have hundreds like this already, except I noticed a kangaroo in the photo." Bill R., Wilpena Pound Australia


Mein Nachtlokal in Les Breuleux

"I was able to put the tarp (2p), quilt (2p), and net tent (2p) to good use this weekend while hiking the Wonderland trail to Indian Bar camp (Mt Rainier NP, WA)." - Brian W., WA

"I was out by myself enjoying a beautiful hike, and mostly wanting to use all three items at the same time. It was a clear night, and not a bug in site so I pitched it high for head room and used the bug net for a ground cloth. I love being able to pitch it differently as in this case I was able to use the campsite drop off as a bench." - Brian W., WA

"I made the tarp and net-tent, a single quilt and a double quilt. Great products and philosophy." - Peter H., MN

"My girl friend and I are getting ready for our summer trips, with your kits. And on a second note, how many times do I need to keep telling you guys you really could be charging folks twice as much for your instructions and wealth of detailed design instructions!!! I can't even tell you how good a deal we all are getting for such great kits!! You guys are way to kind. I tried making my own packs and quilt when beyond backpacking first came out and I must say my first go around of equipment was 100 times more functional than the clunker gear of commercial stores but looked pretty cheezie and after your kits came out, my gear became A+ professional in function, looks, design, and strength!!! Not to mention lasting over 9 years, all year around heavy use!" - James G., CA

"We've had a new addition to the family last year, and the 3 of us sleep comfortably under our tarp. Obviously, lightweight gear is ideal for families! We'll be in the net-tent in the Sierra next weekend. Our original packs are still holding up well after our 07 AT thru-hike." - Ben T., CA, JF 2005

"We have been having some great fun on our trips, thanks to the light weight Ray-Way philosophies and gear!" -Kolby and Angie J., AZ

Ray-way tarp and Mt. Erebus, Antarctica. Photo Rachel J.

"Hi Ray, Good weather finally coincided with time off and I was able to get an Antarctic photo. This one is just the tarp alone with Mt Erebus, the volcano upon whose flanks we reside. -Rachel J.

Mike D.

Mike D.

Scout river camp out, Curtis W.

Ray-Way home-made tarp and net-tent beneath the Three Apostles, Colorado. -Rachel J.

"This last winter I made both a one person and a two person tarp and net tent set. I also made a one person tarp for a friend. It was a great project and they're wonderful pieces of equipment that I've used in both Colorado recreationally and in Montana as a ranger. My work pack is quite heavy so I'm always looking for ways to shave off a few pounds. Thanks for all your great ideas and books!" - Rachel J..

Sioux Camp, Philmont

"My son and I took our Ray Way tarps to Philmont this year and they were awesome. Trek 24, all 4 big peaks - the pic is our 1st night at Sioux Camp. The head ranger was in our 1st camp inspecting his ranger's crews and was not happy with our tarps. Said they did not meet the Philmont Standard ... a tent. We had the bat wings off and the sides up so I explained that we could put the sides to the ground and use both bat wings and he said they still didn't meet the standard - a tent. One of our other boys was using his tent fly with floor saver, no tent - no comment from the ranger on this one - probably due to the brand logo "qualifying" it as a tent. All smellables were in the bear bag and I explained that a bear smelling something inside will go in a tent just as easy as a tarp. Anyway, since we were already on the trail, we were able to complete the trek with them.It was awesome, rain, hail, wind, always dry and what views the entire trek. We use them all year here in MN and wherever we go. It is amazing to see how much better they work than tents, especially for eliminating condensation and we love the open view.The tarps have been a big success so I'm ordering a quilt for myself and a tarp kit for one of my Assistant Scoutmasters! Ray & Jenny - thanks for the awesome design, complete kits and quality materials!" -Ken D.

Charles P

"I have sewn almost of your kits and all have performed very well during my backpacking trips in the Sierras. Last night I attended the annual family campout at the local school in Ladera Ranch, CA. There are about 150 camp sites available - remember this is for the kids. Last year it was foggy in the morning and the inside of the tent was just as wet as the outside. This year I chose to use my tarp, I was out numbered at 149:1, tents v tarps. I did not use my net tent because there are no flying insects to bother us. The morning was dryer than last year but I did over hear some of the campers asking others if it was ok to stow the tent wet. Of course my tarp, quilt, and my son's sleeping bag was as dry as when we started and we were warm all night. Thank you for your inspiration!" - Charles P

Les P. on the AT.

Les P. on the AT.

"I took a panoramic from inside my newly constructed 2 person tarp. It really shows off how much room is under there!" -James Gibling

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