The Ray-Way Sleeping Hat Kit

Make Your Own Sleeping Hat!

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The Ray-Way Sleeping Hat Kit

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Our Ray-Way Sleeping Hat is single layer, no insulation; so the kit is easy to sew together (only one seam), and not very expensive at our introductory price.

The Hat Size is determined by the size of ones head, and our instructions show how to create a custom fit.

We think everybody who camps with a Ray-Way Quilt should also have this Sleeping Hat. Our Sleeping Hat is designed to cover the head, ears, face and mouth down to the base of the neck. This allows you to sleep warmly without covering your head with the quilt, and so avoid soaking the quilt with your moisture-laden breath. Your breath will dampen the front of the hat, but the hat is very quick drying.

Of course you can pull up the hat so it doesn't cover the face, if the night is not so cold. You can also wear the hat while hiking, and around camp. And the Sleeping Hat can be worn under the Ray-Way Insulated Hat for even greater warmth.

We have been using these Sleeping Hats for a couple of decades, and have used them during ALL our trips. In our books we showed how to make them, and finally we are offering them in kit form. The kit contains our recommended fabric, along with sewing instructions. And in fact, the fabric comes from the same roll that we use for our trips.

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