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For all types of outdoor gear and clothing

We are selling what we consider the world's finest sewing thread, certainly far superior to that sold in stores. It has continuous fibers that are soft and very smooth. So it is less fuzzy than ordinary long-fiber polyester thread, and more resistant to sun rot. With this thread the seams are easier to sew, with fewer problems and less frequent cleaning and maintenance of the machine required. This thread is ideal for use with virtually all home-made outdoor clothing and gear, including that for camping, hiking, cycling, canoeing, and so forth.

  • Ray-Way Thread will save you time

  • It will save you money

  • And it will make your projects look fabulous!

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Pro 800-yard spool in black

Our Pro 1 oz. spool holds 800-yards (eight times the length of a football field).

The Pro 800-yd spool is so compact it may not look like much, but imagine placing your sewing machine at one end of a football field, and rolling out this thread to the other end of the field - eight times! We don't know how much sewing you could do until you run out, but surely it would keep you busy for a while.

Our Pro 800-yd spool fits most home sewing machines, whether the thread is housed internally (shown at left) or placed externally on a thread spindle (shown above).

Ray-way Thread is suitable for sewing just about anything of an outdoor nature, including backpacks, tarps and net-tents, quilts, shell jackets and pants, thin polyester shirts and shorts . . . the list goes on and on.

Our Thread Pro spool sits on the machine's thread spindle - just like everyday store-bought tread. But there's no comparing Ray-Way Pro to ordinary store-bought thread. To see this for yourself, look at our Pro under a magnifying glass, and notice how nice and smooth it is. Then look at ANY store-bought tread under the same magnifying glass, and notice how rough, discontinuous and hairy it is. Our Pro thread looks great on the finished project, and sews even better.

Suffice it to say, there is a lot of inferior thread out there! And we have tried most of it. To most people, thread is just thread. But not to us. After all, why make the world's best kits with sub-standard thread?

Ray-Way Sewing Thread is far superior to anything you can buy in the stores. It is stronger, it sews easier and makes a nicer job, it is less fuzzy and more waterproof (less thread wicking) and more sun resistant. And it doesn't create the usual build-up of lint in the machine's interior, meaning that the machine will remain in adjustment much longer and require less cleaning. Ray-Way thread is also much less expensive, per yard, than store-bought threads.

Black thread goes well with just about any outdoor-related sewing project.

Discover the advantages of
Ray-Way Sewing Thread for yourself

If you can dream it,
Ray-Way Thread can make it

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Note: Ray-Way thread is slightly thicker than ordinary store-bought. So be sure to adjust the thread tension of your machine accordingly. For instructions on how to do this, refer to our Sewing Tips. Also refer to your sewing machine's manual.

"I just wanted to make a comment about the thread you sell. After playing with the bobbin tension per the instructions in your sewing tips, this thread sews perfectly. It's stronger than store bought, and seems to feed better. Also, virtually no lint buildup in the bobbin case. I've sewed 2 tarps and several stuff sacks with it, and I am a lifelong customer." - Bryon G., TX

"Hey Guys, I just placed an order for some of your awesome thread. I'm about to run out and realize now I should have followed your advice and ordered more than one spool!!! oh well, I ordered 3 this time because I can't imagine using any other thread for any of my projects ever again." - Joel C., IN

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