Pg 1: How does the quilt work?
     Why not use a sleeping bag?
  Pg 2: Quilt Features
     Foot Pocket
     Draft Stopper
  Pg 3: Adjustable Warmth
  Pg 4: Contents of our Quilt Kit
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     Fabric Colors
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  Pg 6: Sewing the Quilt Kit
     How long does the sewing take?
     What type of sewing machine?
     Thread Pro
  Pg 7: Kit Advantages
  Pg 8: Custom Sizing
  Pg 9: Weights
  Pg 10: Handling
  Pg 11: Quilt Stuffed Size
     Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag Kit
  Pg 12: Quilt and Tarp Work Together
  Pg 13: More Than One
  Pg 14: Questions and Answers
  Pg 15: Feedback
  Pg 16: Weight vs Warmth
  Pg 17: Goose Down
  Pg 18: Xtra-Layer
  Pg 19: Sewing the foot pocket
  Pg 20: A Ray-Way Hand-Sewn Quilt
  Pg 20: The 1P Extra-Wide Option

The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

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Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Pg 9: Weights

Our 1-person quilt made with our 1.1 oz Light nylon fabric and 2 layers of Woodland (5/8") insulation weighs slightly over 1.5 lb. (25 oz.) This weight includes the Gorget but not the draft stopper. The Gorget weighs 2 oz, and may be omitted at time of construction. The 25 oz. weight is far below even the lightest commercial sleeping bags containing a comparable thickness of synthetic insulation. Note that these weights are for the example size given in the instructions as W=53", L=82" for someone 5' 10" tall.

Switching from Woodland to Alpine would increase the weight of a two-layer 1P quilt by 6.2% and the bulk by 15%

With apologies we do not have the specific weights of our 2-person quilt. But to give a comparison, our 2-person quilt uses about the same amount of nylon and insulation as an ultralight 1-person commercial sleeping bag. But imagine splitting that 1-person sleeping bag in half, and carrying only half of it. That is what our SplitZip does for our 2-person quilt. So in effect, each person carries the equivalent of one-half of a sleeping bag. That is a huge savings in weight, bulk, and expense for a couple who sleeps together.

More info on Page 20.

One-person Ray-Way quilt sewn by John C.

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