Pg 1: How does the quilt work?
     Why not use a sleeping bag?
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  Pg 20: A Ray-Way Hand-Sewn Quilt
  Pg 20: The 1P Extra-Wide Option

The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

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Pg 11: Quilt Stuffed Size

What is the stuffed size of our quilts in whatever configuration? Our answer is that we cannot quote a specific stuffed size, because it depends on how densely one crams the quilt into its stowbag. Nor is there any such thing as an optimum tightness or looseness because that depends on the size of one's backpack and the duration of the trip.

If the trip will be short, something like a weekend, you may stuff the quilt a little more tightly - as long as you give it a few hours of relaxing out of the stowbag prior to bedtime, and once you have returned home, that you leave it out of the stowbag for a few weeks to allow it to loft back up. On a long thru-hike, one has very little time for lofting, so the stowbag should be larger.

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This is why we designed our stowbag to be adjustable in volume, so that it will accommodate any of our quilts, excepting the Xtra Layer, and also fit into most backpacks.

Note, however, that the tighter the stuff, the more loft degradation, temporarily. Use a stowbag with, say, a 6" diameter by however long, and the quilt - or any sleeping bag made of synthetic insulation - would come back out flat as a pancake and require several months to recover. Clearly that would be a case of misuse.

Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag Kit

Please see: Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag Kit.

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