Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag Kit

for Carrying a Quilt in the Backpack

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Quilt Stowbag Kit

A Ray-Way Quilt stowbag is for carrying the quilt in your backpack as you hike along the trail.

(Nomenclature: Not to be confused with a Ray-Way Quilt Storage Bag Kit for use at home, and made of lightweight, breathable fabric to keep your quilt clean, and is large enough that it will not crush the quilt's insulation over time.)

Our quilt stowbag kits contain the coated nylon fabric, drawstring cord, one micro-cordlock, a small reinforcement piece, and complete instructions.

Our stowbag kits are available in two versions:

Ray-Way Stowbag Kit Ver-1 (Classic) designed to Fit inside our Classic Ray-Way Backpack having a volume of 2,200 or 2.400 cubes. This stowbag fits vertically in the backpack, is the same diameter as the backpack, and has an extension collar. This allows the stowbag to be adjustable in size, expanding or compressing to occupy however much space in the backpack one chooses. If fresh from a resupply and carrying a lot of food, one reduces the size of the stowbag. Or if several days out and carrying less food, the stowbag is expanded to allow the quilt a little more breathing room.

Designed to hold a 1P Quilt with either the Woodland or Alpine insulation. Same with the 2P except the 2P requires two stowbag kits, assuming the SplitZip - one for each half. (Does not hold a quilt having the Extra Layer.)

Ray-Way Stowbag Kit Ver-2 designed to Fit inside our larger Ray-Way Backpacks having volumes of 2,600, 2,800, or 3,000 cubes. This new stowbag is designed to fit horizontally into the backpack. Has no extension collar, but comes with a plastic-bag liner to keep the water out. Ray carried one during his A.T. 2010 thru-hike. See this Stowbag in action in Ray's 2010-A.T. Gear video.

Incidentally, we recommend using a second Ray-Way stowbag for your spare clothing and other items inside your backpack. Load the heavy food items into the pack first, followed by the quilt in its stowbag, and then the clothing stowbag. Both stowbags sit in the backpack vertically, and since they are the same diameter as the backpack, they both fit it perfectly.

"Can a 2P quilt without the Split-Zip fit into one Stowbag? If not, can the Stowbag be made longer to accommodate the quilt?" Vail P.

Ray: Without the Split-Zip, the 2P is huge. Imagine trying to stuff two sleeping bags into one stowbag, then trying to stuff that into one backpack! That is why we designed the Split-Zip many years ago, and have been using it ever since.

For backpacking that is. On some of our other trips where we have lots of room in the sled, canoe, or whatever, we use a 2P without a Split-Zip, not because it is warmer (it is not), and not because we worry about a zipper failure (we have not seen that in all these years), but because the quilt is somewhat lighter without the zipper. But again, for backpacking or mountaineering, the Split-Zip is ideal.

If you need to make one Stowbag for a 2P quilt without the Split-Zip, order some fabric and make your own according to our sewing guidelines in Trail Life.

Quilt Stuffed Size

What is the stuffed size of our quilts?

Please refer to Quilt Stuffed Size

Discover the advantages of the Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag. Make one for yourself! Order Form

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