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Ray-Way Storage Bags

Need a storage bag for your Ray-Way Quilt? Make one from our new Storage Bag Kit!

This simple storage bag is made with a lightweight, breathable fabric - just the thing for storing your quilt between adventures. The storage bag will keep your quilt clean and bug-free, and will help retard mildew and odors. And best of all, the storage bag is large enough that it will not crush the insulation.

The kit contains the fabric, drawcord, cordlock, and instructions.

The design is simple, but the finished storage bag is very useful, and essential for protecting your quilt. You could also use the Ray-Way Storage Bags for holding other outdoor gear, such as cold-weather clothing, old sleeping bags, life jackets and vests for boating, sails, wetsuits and drysuits, ski and snowboard parkas and bibs, etc.

In fact, you'll probably think of uses for these bags around the house, too, like storing extra pillows and blankets, or even as a laundry bag.

The Storage Bag Kit will make either a "small" bag, 26 inches by 36 inches, designed to hold a 1-Person Ray-Way Quilt, or a "large" bag, 38 inches by 46 inches, for storing a 2-Person Quilt.

Order a few today. They take only a few hours (or less) each to make, and they are great to have around.

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