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Commercial use of our designs, instructions, or patterns - or something like them - is strictly prohibited.

Trail Life  (book)

Ray Jardine's Lightweight Backpacking


"Trail Life could be the most important book about backpacking that you will ever read."

"There are a few names that have revolutionized the sport of backpacking: Ed Garvey, Colin Fletcher, Harvey Manning and of course the Master of lightweight backpacking Ray Jardine. This is the most comprehensive long distance hiking guide ever written." -Roger W.

Be sure to see our Trail Life page for more info.

The Ray-Way Tarp Book Essential

How to camp with this versatile, lightweight shelter, safely and enjoyably when backpacking and hiking, cycling, sea-kayaking, canoeing, or scouting.

- $22.95

See our Tarp Book Essential page for more info.

Ray-Way Quilt Kits

Color Options --->

Ray-Way 1-Person Quilt

Our Ray-Way Quilt Kit comes in kit form that you sew yourself. This Quilt is used in camp (or at home) for sleeping beneath at night. It works like a sleeping bag, but is open underneath you. You lie on your foam pad and drape the quilt over you like a blanket. But unlike a blanket, the quilt is contoured, so that it molds to the shape of your body. See our Ray-Way Quilt Kit Write-up for more info.

One-Person Quilt Kit

Comes with two layers of 1.1 oz/yd² nylon and two layers of synthetic insulation. More info: Woodland and Alpine Insulation. Quilt Kit also comes with GorgetTM and Draft StopperTM

1P Long Option: Our 1-Person Quilt Kit is intended for someone up to 6'1" in height. Each Long Option gives you another 6" of quilt length (12" of materials, doubled).

1P Wide Option: Our 1-Person Quilt Kit makes a quilt up to 56" wide. For a wider quilt (up to 60"), add this 1-Person Wide Option to your order. If you need wider than 60" please order a 2-Person Quilt Kit.

1P Dual-Colors: Select this option if you would like a different color for the inside (Bottom) layer. Note: The Draftstopper would normally match the outside (top) layer.

Two-Person Quilt Kit

Comes with two layers of 1.1 oz/yd² nylon and two layers of synthetic insulation. More info: Woodland and Alpine Insulation. Also with GorgetTM, Draft StopperTM, and SplitZipTM.

2P Long Option: Our 2-Person Quilt Kit is intended for those up to 5'10" in height. If taller than that, please add the 2-Person Long Option to your order.

2P Dual Colors: Select this option if you would like a different color for the inside (Bottom) layer. Note: The Draftstopper would normally match the outside (top) layer. Due to the layout of the pieces, our 2P dual-colors option comes with special instructions and about 67" of extra fabric, which you may use also for making small to medium stowbags etc.

1P Woodland $109.95
Insulation 0.75" thick, 2 layers=40°F




2P Woodland $153.95
Insulation 0.75" thick, 2 layers=40°F



1P Alpine $118.95
Insulation 0.90" thick, 2 layers=28°F




2P Alpine $166.95
Insulation 0.90" thick, 2 layers=28°F



1P Alpine Single-Layer $88.45 One-person Quilt Kit with one layer of Alpine (0.90") synthetic insulation. Also with GorgetTM and Draft StopperTM. For summer hiking on the AT or camping in the eastern states, when a 2-layer quilt would be too warm. Ray used this during his 2nd AT thruhike. It makes for a very small pack.




2P Alpine Single-Layer $136.45 Two-person Quilt Kit with one layer of Alpine (0.90") synthetic insulation. Also with GorgetTM and Draft StopperTM, but without SplitZip (not needed in this case).

Ray-Way Stowbag Kit (Ver-1) for quilt $17.25
For carrying on the trail. Designed to Fit inside our Ray-Way Backpack having a volume of 2,200 or 2.400 cubes. This stowbag fits a 1P with either the Woodland (0.75") or Alpine (0.90") insulation. Same with 2P except 2P requires 2 stowbag kits. (Does not hold a quilt having the Extra Layer.) Kit includes materials and detailed sewing instructions. We might recommend a contrasting color because it makes the stowbag easier to find in low light conditions of early morning.

Ray-Way Stowbag Kit (Ver-2) for quilt $17.25
For carrying on the trail. Designed to Fit inside our larger Ray-Way Backpacks having volumes of 2,600, 2,800, or 3,000 cubes. Made of silicone nylon. Has no extension collar, but comes with a plastic-bag liner to keep the water out. This stowbag is designed to fit horizontally in the backpack. Ray carried one during his 3rd A.T. 2010 thru-hike. See this Stowbag in action in Ray's A.T. Gear video. Note: Ver-2 is smaller than Ver-1, and for larger quilts we recommend Ver-1.


Storage Bag Kit for quilt $17.25
Storage Bag Kit, for use at home, features lightweight, breathable fabric. It will keep your quilt clean, bug-free, will help retard mildew, and is large enough that it will not crush the quilt's insulation. This kit will make either a small Storage Bag for storing a 1P Quilt, or a large Storage Bag for a 2P Quilt.
A third layer of Woodland (0.75") insulation that lowers the quilt's temperature rating down to about 10°F. Works with either a 1P or 2P quilt kit. Contains a single layer of Woodland insulation. The directions for adding the Extra Layer are in the Quilt Kit Instructions. Note: We do not necessarily recommend the Extra Layer, please see More Info
Quilt Insulation by the foot
Comes included in our Quilt Kits, but we also sell the raw insulation to add to an existing quilt.
$4.25 per foot.
$4.85 per foot.

Color Samples
Quilt Kits











These color samples are approximations only.

Color Samples
Stowbag Kits
for Quilt, Tarp, and Net-Tent.

Silicone Brown

Silicone Cloud-White

Silicone Fuschia

Silicone Navy-Blue

Silicone Neon-Yellow-Green

Silicone Purple

Silicone Red-Orange

Silicone Silver-Gray

Silicone Stealth-Black

Silicone Yellow

Ray-Way Shelter Kits

  • Tarp
  • Net-Tent
  • BatWing
  • Materials

  • $5 Discount if ordering a Tarp Kit, Net-Tent Kit, and a Tarp Book Essential, along with your other items.
    Color Options --->
    Tarp Kit   $79.35

    The Ray-Way Tarp Kit will make either a one-person tarp or a two-person tarp. Silicone-nylon. Kit includes sewing instructions. More Info


       $8.25  Adds an extra 12" (or less) to your Tarp. Our standard tarp is intended for those up to 6 feet 2 inches in height. The Tarp Kit Long Option adds 24" of EXTRA material (12" for each panel).

       $14.45  Our Tarp Kit comes with Beaks that match the color of your Tarp. This Dual Color Option allows you to personalize your Tarp with a pair of Beaks of a different color.

      $7.25  For sealing the seams of your Ray-Way silicone-nylon Tarp. This 1.5 ounce tube is more than enough to seal your Tarp and various stowbags. See our seam-sealing guidelines in our Tarp Kit instructions, in Trail Life, or The Ray-Way Tarp Book Essential.

    Tarp Stowbag Kit $17.25 for a Ray-Way Tarp. For carrying in the Backpack while on the trail. These stowbags are small and very lightweight (quarter of an ounce).


    Net-Tent Kits   $82.45

    A netting enclosure designed to hang under a Ray-Way Tarp and keep the bugs away. Kits include detailed sewing instructions. More Info

    We offer three basic types of Net-Tent Kits (with various options):

    • The Net-Tent with Flap Closure is the easiest to sew, by a wide margin, and the lightest in weight. Recommended for blocking flying insects such as mosquitoes, back flies and wasps. This version of the kit will make a one-person or a two-person Net-Tent.
    • The Net-Tent with Zipper Closure would be the most suitable for most people, because it keeps out the ground crawlers (ants and ticks) better than the flap version, and it is easier to sew than a Spitfire. It is a fraction heavier than the flap version, due to the weight of the zippers - but not much. And it takes a little more time to sew, again because of the zippers. But the design is very simple, with only four pieces of netting to sew together - like the flap version. Order the one-person version, or the two-person version.
    • Our Net-Tent with zipper closure X-large is 10" wider, 4" taller, and 10" longer than our standard 2P Net-Tent.

    • The Spitfire takes even more time to sew because it is made up of 10 pieces of netting, and again has a zipper closing door. The advantage is its more durable because of how the seams add strength, so it would be more suitable for a summer-long hike. Ray used a Spitfire on three hikes of the Appalachian Trail, and on his TransAm cycling trip. Comes in a one-person version only.
    • We recommend the size X-large for a person taller than 6'1". It is 4" longer, 4" wider, and 3" taller. But if you are more concerned about weight, order the reguar Spitfire.


    Note: We recommend a Net-Tent floor made of urethane-coated nylon, and we use it on all our trips. It is a bit heavier than a floor made of silicone nylon, but much more durable and not as slippery against the ground. It is also more waterproof when pressed hard against the ground. However, we are still offering floors of silicone nylon for the person more intent on saving the most weight.

    Net-Tent Stowbag Kit $17.25  for for carrying in the Backpack.


    BatWing Tarp-Door Kit   $23.75   More Info

    A door that closes off one end of a Ray-Way Tarp, used on those stormy nights when the wind is slanting rain a ways into the interior. Comes with detailed sewing instructions. A 1P BatWing Fits a One-Person Ray-Way tarp. And a 2P BatWing fits a Two-Person Ray-Way tarp. We recommend Silicone Nylon as the material.


    Shelter-Materials by the foot
    Comes included in our shelter Kits, but we also sell the raw shelter fabrics for use in other projects. About 60"-64" wide, $3.65 per foot.

    Tarp Fabrics

    1st  Quant   Color 

    2nd  Quant   Color 

    3rd  Quant   Color 

    No-see-em & Mosquito Netting $2.25 per foot, 52" wide, dark gray.

    Color Samples
    Tarp Colors

    Silicone Nylon 1.3 oz/yd





    These color samples are approximations only. The Silicone fabric is semi-translucent, so it appears much lighter in color when the completed tarp is pitched outdoors.

    In our opinion you will stay warmer under a Cloud White tarp because it reflects more heat back to you.

    Color Samples
    Net-Tent Floor






    Backpack Kit   $82.75

    Our Ray-Way Backpack Kit comes in kit form that you sew yourself. The Kit comes with all the materials and detailed sewing instructions written by us. Our classic size has a volume of 2,200 cubic inches. This is what we used on the PCT and IUA, and what Ray used on his first solo AT thru-hike. You can choose something larger if desired. More info

    Optional Hip Belt $9.95

    Color Options --->
    Backpack Kit
    Pack Volume
    Front & Sides
    Back & Bottom

    (Optional) HipBelt     Hip Size 

    How to determine size

    Terminology: The "back" is the part that contacts your back. The "front" is the part that faces the person hiking behind you.

    2nd Backpack Kit
    Pack Volume
    Front & Sides
    Back & Bottom

    (Optional) HipBelt     Hip Size 

    If you need more than two BackPack Kits, please place another order. We will combine the orders into one box and refund the extra postage.

    Backpack Zippered Pocket Kit $21.75

    Making the Ray-Way Backpack DVD Video; length 60 min. Shows entire sewing construction. Highly recommended for those unsure of their sewing skills.

    Option 1) If you are ordering a Backpack Kit, the Video is $24.95

    Option 2) If you are NOT ordering a Backpack Kit, the Video alone is $34.95.

    Note: if you have ordered a Backpack Kit in the past, we will refund the extra $10. If you are buying the Video alone, and later order a Backpack Kit, we will also refund the extra $10.

      Washbag Kit   $17.95   A netting Washbag for laundering Ray-Way gear. Designed to hold your backpack, but also works extremely well with a Net-Tent or other things such as stowbags and even socks and so forth. Simply load the bag, zip it closed, and toss it into the washing machine. The Washbag gets things twice as clean, as compared to just leaving them loose, because the more confined space causes a more vigorous agitation. Also keeps the cords and straps confined so they don't tangle around the other items loose in the washing machine. Simple and easy to sew, and highly recommended for keeping your Ray-Way gear clean.

    Color Samples Backpack Kits

    Terminology: The "back" is the part that goes against your back. The "front" is the part that faces the hiker behind you. (pw = piece weight oz)

    Front Sides

    Dark Blue-Green pw 1.6

    Dark Green pw 2.0

    Dark-Gray pw 2.4

    Digital Camouflage Desert pw 3.2

    Khaki (Light Tan) pw 2.7

    Light Blue pw 3.8

    Light Gray pw 2.0

    Mocha-Brown pw 1.8

    Royal-Blue pw 2.2

    Stealth-Black pw 2.5

    Tan pw 2.4

    Extension Collar






    The Extension Collar is semi-translucent.

    Back Bottom


    Dark Green

    Royal Blue

    Walnut Brown

    These color samples are only approximations, and will appear different on different computer monitors.

    Ray's A.T. Gear Video   $18.95 Run-time: 93 min.

    Spend an evening with Ray in the Maine woods, watching him explain the use of the camping gear that he carried during his third thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

    See Ray's A.T. Gear Video page for more info. (Sold only in combination with a Quilt, Backpack, Tarp, or Net-Tent Kit)

      Ray-Way Sleeping-Pad Kit   $13.75

    Note: The kit does not include the blue foam pad. The pad must be purchased separately from a department or sporting goods store. More info.

    With this kit you can make an ordinary blue foam pad foldable, so it will fit just right in your Ray-Way Backpack. Ray developed the idea for his 3rd A.T. thru-hike, and slept with it every night.

    The finished kit should fit inside almost any pack, but it is designed for something a bit larger than our classic 2,200 cube pack; one that has more room for your other gear. On Ray's 3rd A.T. hike he carried a 2,600 and a 2,800 backpack.

    Additional Sleeping-Pad Kits  $3.45
    Comes without the foam knife or instructions. Intended to be ordered at the same time as the original Sleeping-Pad Kit.

    Insulated Hat Kit  $29.95

    Comes with 1.1 oz/yd² nylon and 1 layer Alpine 0.9" insulation. Includes pattern and complete assembly instructions.

    Info and Sizing

    Colors: Same as the Quilt Kits. Side A is the outside, Side B is the inside - or vise a versa. The hat is fully reversible.

    Insulated Hat
    Side A Color
    Side B Color

    2nd Insulated Hat
    Side A Color
    Side B Color

    3rd Insulated Hat
    Side A Color
    Side B Color

    Ray-Way Sewing Thread   $8.75

    Thread-Pro: 800-yards, Black. Comes on a compact spool that fits on most home sewing machines. We guarantee you will not find a higher quality home sewing thread anywhere!

    Thread is not included in any of our Ray-Way Kits.

    We have heard from many of our customers who regretted their decision to buy only a single spool of thread. Not that our spools are not big enough to sew several projects. They are. But in retrospect, these customers wished they had bought several. We recommend keeping a few on hand. They are not too expensive, and make great gifts for your sewing friends.

    Ray-Way Cord

    Excellent for drawstrings, extra tarp lines, and camp utility.
    We guarantee that you will not find a higher quality cord anywhere else.

    Small Cord, White
    $0.20   per foot
    200 lb test, same as Tarp Kit corner guys. Fits our micro-cordlocks.

    Small Cord, Black
    $0.20   per foot
    150 lb test, slightly thinner than the white. Fits our micro-cordlocks.

    Medium Cord, Black
    $0.20 per foot
    300+ lb test, same as Tarp Kit ridgeline. Half again as thick as the Small. Does not fit Micro-CordLocks. This is what we used to secure our tent in Antarctica.

    Medium Cord, White
    $0.20 per foot
    300+ lb test, same as Medium Cord Black but more visible. Does not fit Micro-CordLocks.

    Micro-CordLocks   $0.40

    Ray-Way FlatLine
    $0.20 per foot
    Brown, 50 lb test, same as Tarp Kit lifter guys.

      Ray-Way Knife Kit with Apache-Plume handle (blond)   $32.95

      Ray-Way Knife Kit with Cliff-Rose handle (reddish color)  $32.95

      Ray-Way Knife Kit with Candy-Cane handle (variegated reddish and blond)   $32.95

      Knife Blade Only  $22.95 (our Knife Kit includes a blade)

      Leather Sheath Kit  for the Ray-Way knife $24.95

    Knife Sharpening Kit  $15.95

    Note that our Sharpening Kits and Stropping Kits do not come with instructions. The instructions are in the video.

    Knife Stropping Kit  $15.95

    Note that our Sharpening Kits and Stropping Kits do not come with instructions. The instructions are in the video.

      Knife Sharpening Video  $15.95 DVD, 60 min.

      Knife handle wood finishing oil $4.25  Comes with the Knife Kit, but this is an extra bottle of finishing oil for when you want to coat the handle with more layers, for an even deeper hand-rubbed luster, and a tougher layer of protection. Use our ray-way wood finishing oil on other wood projects as well. Comes in a small, 15 ml bottle, three times the amount supplied with our Knife Kit.

    Siku-Kayak  (Book)

    Atlantic Caper  (DVD Video)

      Blood Cleaner Concept 200  $78.95
      Blood Cleaner Concept 300  $118.85

    The Blood Cleaner comes without a battery. It can be powered with any standard 9-volt battery, but we recommend our 9-volt Lithium Battery and our Battery Charger to keep the unit running at max power.

    9-volt Lithium Battery  $4.25

    Battery Charger for 9-volt Lithium (for U.S. type electrical outlets)  $4.25

    $5.00 Discount if including a Tarp Kit, a Net-Tent Kit, and a Tarp Book Essential with your other items.

    PLEASE help keep us in business by making only one item per set of instructions and not making our instructions available to anyone else. Should you want to make additional items, we would be grateful if you would order them here. Thanks very much; we appreciate your business!

    Please read Guarantee and Returns before ordering.