The Ray-Way Insulated Hat Kit

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The Ray-Way Insulated Hat Kit

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The Ray-Way Insulated Hat Kit is a kit that you sew together yourself. The hat is ultra-light and compact. The size medium weighs only 1.1 ounces, and occupies very little space in a backpack or clothing bag.

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The Ray-Way Insulated Hat is intended for use with a quilt or sleeping bag, as well as outdoor activities such as camping and hiking in cool to cold weather.

The hat is very breathable, allowing normal insensible perspiration to evaporate. In this way it offers maximum warmth. It is not intended as a rain hat, but of course may be worn beneath an umbrella or the inside hood of a rain parka.

Comes in two colors, of your choice, and the hat is fully reversible.

Determining Hat Size

Measure the circumference of the head, (distance around) to the nearest inch. To do this, position a soft measuring tape, or a length of string, about a finger's width above the eyebrows. If using a string, transfer the string measurement to a yardstick for reading.

Ray-Way Insulated Hat Size

Kit Contents

The Ray-Way Insulated Hat Kit contains one layer of Alpine insulation, which is about 0.9" thick. This insulation is sandwiched between two layers of lightweight nylon fabric (1.1 oz/yd²) in two colors. The Kit also contains chin strap, micro cordlock, pattern, and detailed, step-by-step sewing instructions written and illustrated by Ray & Jenny.

Washing Instructions

To keep the Insulated Hat at its warmest, it should be laundered often. This rids it of oils and bacteria from the hair and scalp. It is safe to use the gentle cycle on your top-loading washing machine, with warm water and mild soap. Safer still is to use a front-loading machine. But the best and most gentle method is to hand-wash the hat in a basin of warm water with mild soap, rinse thoroughly, and allow to air dry.

Note that most clothes dryers with the temperature set on high, or even medium, will damage and shrink any garment made of synthetic materials. Even some machines set on low. Also, most clothes dryers found in laundromats are wired much to hot. So if using a clothes dryer, don't walk away and leave the machine running. Stay right there and open the door every now and then, and feel the clothes with your hand. They should be warm but not hot. When they feel dry, take them out and leave any cotton items or wool socks to finish drying.

"I think the Insulated Hat is your most under-stated item. It seems so mundane on the web page whereas the backpack, tarp, quilt etc. all shout for themselves. But the times I've used the insulated hat in a challenging cold/wet/windy situation and it's turned the whole thing around in a matter of minutes. Both night and day, it offers amazing utility for a 1oz weight. I never go camping without one." -Mike G.

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