The PCT Hikers Handbook

Ray Jardine's Lightweght Backpacking

Ray's book #1, 1991

Ray Jardine

The PCT Hiker's Handbook
Innovative Techniques and Trail Tested Instruction for the Long Distance Backpacker

Blast from the Past

Published in 1991, this book was the predecessor of the Second Edition, Beyond Backpacking and thge current versioin: Trail Life.

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The PCT Hiker's Handbook: The book that started the switch to lightweight hiking and backpacking. Published in the winter of 1991 and Copyrighted a few months later, in the spring of 1992. Went on to eventually become Trail Life, the updated version.

Fall 1991: My writing nook. The book was written on a 486 with WordPerfect 5. My, how times have changed!

"Along the way I met other thru-hikers, and was surprised to find most of them were also following many, if not all, of the Handbook's methods. What a change from the previous year when everyone had heavy packs and boots." - Scott Williamson, 1994

Scott Williamson was among the first to read this book and use its concepts on a PCT thru-hike in 1993. He and his hiking friends also coined the term "Ray Way". Here is his Story, written a year later, in 1994.

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