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Pg 11: Carrying a Bear Canister

A bear-resistant canister is required to carry your food in some areas - mainly some National Parks.

A typical bear-resistant food canister is cylindrical in shape and measures 12.2" long by 8.5" in diameter. It will fit horizontally in a 2,600 cubic inches Ray-Way Backpack, or larger (and maybe 2,400 cubs in a pinch).

If not full of food, you can fill it the rest of the way with clothing, phone, maps, and so forth. So the canister itself doesn't take much more room that the items carried in it. However, it does add weight.

Gena Gibling wearing her homemade pack #4 on the JMT, with the bear canister carried internally.

If your backpack is already full, or if you have a smaller backpack, you can lash the canister on top of the backpack using two webbing straps and four short lengths of cord, as depicted below. These webbing straps must be cinched tight to prevent to prevent the canister from sliding out sidewards. In addition, you could also sew four short tie-down loops to the closure.

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