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Mort is a Sonoran Desert Toad that has lived in our back yard for the last 10 years. He enjoys swimming in the dog's wading pool; but because he's so highly poisonous, we have to rinse the pool out every morning before the dog drinks out of it. Here he is looking all trim after his long hibernation. In a few months of eating bugs he will be twice the size. He is quite used to us, but still rather shy. He has two smaller companions, but we have not seen ether of them yet this year.

This is Mort.

Funny story: Several years ago when we first found Mort in the wading pool, we promptly rescued him by lifting him out. After all, no fat toad can jump that high to clear the wall of the wading pool. Furthermore, no desert toad likes to swim. The next night we found him back in the wading pool. So this time we placed a few bricks along the edge so he could climb back out. Eventually we learned that he likes the water, and has no trouble jumping in, or back out.  

In the bird-bath dish.

Gloves for scale.

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