My Experience with Lyme Disease

and finally Finding Hope!

The Ray-Way Blood Cleaner

Sherry B., 2017

My experience with Lyme disease has been a nightmare, and a very long haul. I didn't know I had Lyme disease; in fact didn't even know what Lyme was.

Sherry B. and the Blood Cleaner

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"I am living proof that the Blood Cleaner works! My head has totally cleared up, I can think clearer, concentrate better, and my body is in a much more calm relaxed state. My body aches are gone by 70% , it's just amazing how far I have come in these five months, it's astronomical!!!"

Eighteen years ago I began feeling very achy, and after dealing with this for a year, my family doctor sent me to a Rheumatoid Specialist. He diagnosed me with having Fibromyalgia, and put me on sleeping pills and muscle relaxants. I thought to myself, "I don't think I have problems sleeping." But he said my muscles need to sleep, and of course Doctors know best.

The medicines did make a difference. I was sleeping better now; he was right about that. In fact I was having knock out sleeps. But I didn't like how muscle relaxants made me feel; shaky, like I was on several pots of coffee. I had to drop the relaxants because I could not handle the buzzy feeling. But sleeping pills did help with the aching during the night.

As time went on, I went back and forth with my Doctor, with the aches only, and never about anything else because I was generally pretty healthy, if only I could just get rid of these body aches. The Doctor was always trying something new. Some of these meds worked for a while, but eventually wore off, and then I would be back to square one. It was such a vicious circle, and I was only getting worse. I was starting to believe that the doctor was mistaken, and that something else was wrong with me. I felt she was not really listening to me. I was not feeling good, at all, and I was starting to wonder if my doctor was thinking that my illness is only in my head. I was like a broken record, always complaining about the same things, and always complaining about how I can not take this particular medication. I did have a few major tests and things always came back "good" or "normal". But in the meantime I was getting worse. I started to think that they were thinking of me as a hypochondriac.

After several years of getting nowhere, and only feeling worse, I came to realize I needed to find another Doctor.

I told my new doctor that I had really bad Fibromyalgia and needed help! He tried many different medications and sent me for many different tests: X-rays, scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, scopes, blood work etc. I think I had it all! Everything always came back "Normal." I was feeling like I should have gone crazy by now. I had to handle the pain, but sometimes it would get so bad that I would be back to the doctors asking to try something else. Then he gave me Tylenol 3s. I was so careful about that because I didn't want to get addicted. But I needed something! Anything!!! Just help me with this pain. So I took a Tylenol 3 with a regular Tylenol, one dose before I started work each day, and one dose during at the half-way mark just to help me get through the rest of the work day. And I couldn't wait to get home to take my sleeping pill just to put me to sleep and out of this pain.

After about fifteen years of this, I really did not know what it felt like to feel good without pain. I managed to avoid falling into a great depression, but I was becoming jealous of healthy people, and envious about how lucky they were to feel good.

I did try other things such as acupuncture, massages, pain therapy, swimming, yoga, saunas and of course just regular walking which always helped the most.

The past three years were the worst nightmare. The pain was not only in my body, it was also in my brain and my central nervous system. There was something really - really - wrong! My body shut down, and my hands clawed up, hurting so bad, like someone took a hammer to them. I felt lifeless and broken. I could barely walk, and the days were getting worse. The muscles in my eyes would spasm so badly that I could not focus or concentrate on anything or even look at anything too long. I couldn't even read. I had bad spasms in the muscles in my jaw, also, and neck. The pain was so unbearable that I even had my root canal pulled, as well as a panoramic X-ray of my jaw, thinking just maybe that could be causing the problems. I had spasms in the back of my head, like someone was grabbing my head muscles and pulling them down and twisting and turning. I felt like that poster Scream, where everything was being twisted and warped. I had a severe burning sensation in the middle of my back, my arms and legs. My feet and heels ached so bad, I would cry in the middle of the night. I would actually feel something popping in my legs. There were nights I could barely get up to go to the washroom.

Not only was I having these problems, but my coordination was getting totally out of whack. I could barely lift the coffee pot, and was getting weaker and weaker, and as well as extremely dizzy. To walk, I had to lean on the walls. And of course I had to give up driving. I even had a speech impairment. I really believe this had even got into my brain. In fact, I don't think there was a part of me that did not get effected.

A family member wanted me to see a Disease Specialist. This doctor had a practice in Vancouver, Canada. She tested for Lyme Disease and, sure enough, the results came out positive! So I most likely had this bacteria in my body for many, many years, and it just spread like wildfire!

She treated me for Lyme disease with antibiotics and many vitamins through IV for ten days for a few hours a day, to bring some life back to my body. After this, I started on the antibiotics pills, 500mg in the morning and the same at night. After the third month I began to notice some improvement, a little at a time. It was very slow progress, and each month after that I got a notch better, up until about six months. At seven months I started to go back down hill. At that point the doctor moved away, and I felt so very scared and alone!

I did not know where I was going from here. I couldn't go see a doctor where I live, as I wouldn't even know how to explain any of this, nor did I even have the strength to see anyone else. I also thought: What for? More meds? Never mind that our doctors in my area do not know much about Lyme.

The meds were no longer doing any good. Even Tylenol 3 was not working for my pain anymore; and I was too dizzy to take them anyways. So back to the suffering and asking the Good Lord "What did I ever do to make me suffer like this?" Nothing that I am aware of. I am the type to always help the ones in need, to give the very best help I can. I don't wish this on anybody! This was a living nightmare. I had much to be grateful for, but I got to the point of feeling like a burden, because this is an illness that never goes away, and an invisible illness as well. It's hard when you don't look sick on the outside. So when you are telling your story, you sometimes wonder if that person is believing you. And that plays with your subconscious mind. So it was easier for me not to interact or be as social as I once was. I didn't want to sound like a complainer, and I didn't want to explain. And anyway I didn't expect anyone to understand, although my family and friends have been very understanding.

So this has been a very long, long journey.

One day I was sitting on the couch trying to hide my pain, while my brother Danny was here visiting another area. He knew that I had gone through all of this for so many years, and that it was only getting worse. And he knew the antibiotics had failed me. So he said "Sherry you really should look up this American rock climber by the name of Ray Jardine who has cured himself of his Lyme disease." And Danny went on to tell me about how himself and his girlfriend, Catherine, have read several of Ray's books about hiking, canoeing, backpacking, Trail Life, etc, and were were so impressed with this man and his wife Jenny's incredible life journeys and inventions. They even made Ray-Way tarps, quilts and backpacks, and were so incredibly impressed with everything! And he went on to tell me about how Ray had contracted Lyme disease and cured himself with a Blood Cleaner that he had developed.

I was actually very interested in what my brother had to say about this man, because he just couldn't say enough about how smart and brilliant he is, and that I should just look him up.

Actually, Danny had said all this before, but I wasn't paying much attention because I was on a plan with the antibiotics and did not want to hear any more of "try this, try that" from anyone. But all this had failed, so I was really listening this time.

I decided to look up Ray Jardine on the internet, and Wow!! What a life he and his wife have lived, and are still living! After reading online about many of their accomplishments and inventions, I was very amazed, and thought "I don't have anything to lose" so I ordered a Blood_Cleaner. Just the fact that these are hand-made by two very intelligent people, and not some big mass production company, is a big deal! And in the meantime I also wrote to Ray, telling him I would like to order this for Lyme, and went on to tell him a hint of what I had been going through, totally not expecting a reply.

Ray replied back, and this is where my new journey began.

After hearing my story, Ray was very compassionate, and from day one he took time out for me. I did not understand why such a busy man would be taking time to help me get better. "He doesn't even know me," I thought. It wasn't like he was making any money from this, except the cost of his Blood Cleaner, which is peanuts. And it's costing him his time. Wow! That's true compassion I'd say.

So I began to tell Ray my story, and in August of 2016 he put together a plan for me.

Ray didn't think the Blood Cleaner would be safe for me right now, because of the prescription drugs I was taking (two types of sleeping pills and a third type of medication). So first he wanted to get me on a proper diet of fruits, vegetables (only half them cooked) and some nuts and seeds. I did that, then a few weeks later I stopped cooking the vegetables. So I was now eating fully raw foods; nothing cooked.

Again Ray was hesitant to start me on the Blood Cleaner, because of my meds, so he advised me to cut down my pills by 10% every few weeks. He said that normally he wouldn't advise cutting medication, but he felt that I had been on 100% raw foods diet for long enough to tolerate the 10% cut in meds.

One thing that Ray always emphasized was that I think for myself and make my own decisions. He was only offering advice. But I decided to cut my pills by half. After another week of eating raw, Ray gave his OK to start the Blood Cleaner along with drinking Nano Silver.

After two weeks on the Blood Cleaner I really started to notice a change for the good. I was definitely less achy and not as dizzy. So I increased my time on the BC by ten minutes every other day, working my way up to two hours a day.

It was really incredible how I was starting to feel better and better every day! So I cut out the pills altogether.

Now, I am very devoted to this Blood Cleaner. I so very much believe in this!!! It has been five months that I have been eating raw foods, and 4 and 1/2 months on the BC, and I can honestly say that my head has totally cleared up, I can think clearer, concentrate better, and my body is in a much more calm, relaxed state. My body aches are gone by 70%, it's just amazing how far I have come in these five months, it's astronomical!!! I am going back to work part time, after having been off for two years. I am also just starting an exercise plan of Ray's. Even without exercising I lost 22 pounds on his "healing the body" plan and I look so much healthier compared to five months ago. Not only is my husband amazed, but my family and friends are as well. No one can believe that I am finally, actually, getting through all this!

I know I have a ways to go. This has been in my body for a very long time, but I feel that I'm on the right path now. It all makes common sense. I have come to learn that no matter what disease you may have, it all boils down to starving the pathogens in your body with a raw foods diet, (not feeding the pathogens what they love and live off of, which is mostly sugars, and that's almost in everything! and salts and refined foods, and meats and dairy). And killing the pathogens with the Blood Cleaner!

I am living proof that this works! It may sound like a lot, and very overwhelming to begin with, but it's really not. If two hours sounds like a lot to anyone, just get up two hours earlier, put the Blood Cleaner on, and back to bed for two hours. And as for the eating, it takes a bit of time, but everyday gets easier and easier. The more you cut out the junk, the less your body craves it, and the better the body feels. Everything just gets better and better!

I feel so very blessed to have come across Ray's path. I have never been more thankful in all my life for all his help, guidance, knowledge, and all the courage he has giving me. To be able to do all of this and to get where I am today; as well, where I will be in another five months from now. Also, I'm grateful that his wife Jenny let him take the time out for me (complete strangers five months ago) that means so very much to me! Two people with Huge Hearts!!

I can honestly say that my body did not have a whole lot of time left. This is no lie. I can only say that I am one very lucky girl!!!!!

The reason for me writing this, is because if I can help anyone suffering from the way I did, even if it's just one person, then this will touch my Heart. I would love to give back to someone what Ray gave to me.

To Ray and Jenny, you are the Best!!! Even though I put some words together here, realistically words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for both of you! I am so Thankful, Ray, for everything that you have done for me, honestly!! You are the only one that knew what to do about my situation.

And to my brother Danny and and his girlfriend Catherine for reading Ray's books and sharing his info.

Maybe one more thing: Ray I gotta say, I hope in my next life I have your intelligence!

-Sherry B., Canada

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