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Motorcycling Baja Peninsula

Motorcycling Adventure #17

9 days, 2,034 miles, Nov 2015

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Day 8

Nov 8, 2015

Campsite to Ensenada

The morning was chilly, so we bundled up. The highway was fairly quiet for the first hour. There were just a few trucks headed south. We took a rest stop at a mountain pass with wonderful views all around, and beautiful morning light. From our camp to El Rosario, the highway continued to wind its way through the mountains. We noticed that in the valleys the land became more lush and most of that fertile land was being used for agriculture.

On the eastern outskirts of El Rosario we stopped at a large taco stand for lunch. The tacos were pretty good, and we talked with a woman from Canada doing volunteer work in the schools.

The highway turns sharply north and we stopped for gas at the Pemex. Lots of American tourists here with Baja 1000 style trucks. And from here all the way to Ensenada we saw increasingly more American tourists driving south. This part of Baja is more densely populated, with a lot of agriculture. There are small villages every 10 or 15 miles, so inevitably we would have to slow down for the school buses or a worker buses that would pull off the highway, or pull onto the highway without warning.

We drove through San Quintin. Originally we had planned to stay at the Hotel Jardine Baja, but our itinerary had changed and it was still morning, so we decided to not stop.

In Vicente Guerrero I spotted a Banamex, so we stopped to get more pesos.

We reached the outskirts of Ensenada where the traffic became hectic. With Ray in the lead, following his gps tracks, we eventually turned left, and in a few blocks reached the beach area, where we turned north and drove past the harbor area. In the center of the tourist area we found a motel that had a locking gate on the courtyard. The Villa Fontana Inn. The room was very basic, but clean and very handy.

We walked about town. They were having a festival at the Park (Flag Park) with music and crowds and booths selling knick knacks. Then we stopped at a taco stand for dinner.

Overall it was a good day, but the riding in the San Quintin area was pretty hectic.

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