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Motorcycling Baja Peninsula

Motorcycling Adventure #17

9 days, 2,034 miles, Nov 2015

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Day 4

Nov 4, 2015

Rest day at La Bufador. Our room had a coffee maker and coffee filters, so we were able to make our own coffee. I (Jenny) walked toward town, looking for the nearest store, to buy bottled water.

We spent most of the day relaxing in the room. I did take a walk to the nearby beach, again with the two dogs. Shari told us she had just received a supply of empanadas, and asked if we would like any. She explained they are quite good warmed up in the little toaster oven that we had in our room. So I bought two, 20 pesos each. They were greasy and not too good.

In the late afternoon we two-up on my moto into town for fish tacos at Kaiko's. Once again, we missed the sunset.

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