2014-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #14

28 days, 6,323 miles, July 2014

Ray Jardine

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Stunning rainbow at "Key Camp," 11,000 feet in Colorado.

Good stealth campsites are where you find them. This is near Bassam Park Pass in Colorado.

"Columbine Camp" in Wyoming, near Union Pass.

Camped beside the old Railroad Grade near Island Park, Idaho.

Mount Jefferson is the highest point of the Centennial Mountains, whose crest runs along the Continental Divide.

Bighorn sheep

In the Pioneer mountains of Montana.

Camped near the old millsite, north of Helena Montana

Changing the oil in the rain. Kalispell, Montana.


B.C, Canada, On the road to Whiteswan Lake PP.

Wind pressing against the tarp, but comfortable inside.

Monture Creek CG, Montana.

Out in the middle of nowhere, no trees, no tarp supports. Centennial Basin, Montana.

Some nice campers gave me a plate of watermelon. So good! Flagg Ranch, Idaho.

Back at Columbine Camp, WY, the forth time I've camped here.

The Wind River Range.

Jenny's coming to visit, so I rented this cute little cabin in South Fork, Colorado.

The cabin is small, but cozy and clean, and has a kitchen with a stove, and also pots and pans.

Enjoying the high country. Juniper has yet to be fully trained to be off her leash, and still likes to chase rabbits - a no-no. Photo taken near Key Camp.

Camper likes to ride on the bike.

Rubbing handlebars, this guy just about ran me off the road, trying to get us both stopped   This is Donovan (EnduroEarth) riding an X-Country. Our lengthy conversation made my day. He rides enduros all over everywhere. You don't meet guys like this very often, at least with that much riding skill and experience (he just tore up the mud in NM). So fun to talk with, and I learned much.

A bike like Donovan's X-Country (farkled with better suspension as he has done) would be an excellent choice for riding a route like this.

Ray! I just checked out your site. Peru in 1969 and Baja through the 1970's you're the man! amazing stuff. Party on you hippie ;) Have fun and call me if you are ever passing through Birmingham Alabama. I have some land out here. plenty room for you the wife and dogs. - Donovan

In rainy weather, Jenny rents a bicycle and rides the three-hour Dillon Frisco loop.

En route to Leadville

Day two of Jenny's bicycle riding, another rental for the 3.5 hour Frisco Breckenridge loop.

On our way to the million dollar highway.

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28 days, 6,323 miles

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