2014-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #14

28 days, 6,323 miles, July 2014

Ray Jardine

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Soaptree Yucca.

Big tire at the Santa Rita del Cobre Open Pit Copper Mine.

On the official route. The land fronting this section of road is private for the next 1/4 mile, according the sign, but the road itself is pubic, so drive on through.

Rest stop in the shade of alligator Juniper - my favorite type of tree and the basis for the name of our dog (Juniper).

Typical scenery of the low mountains of New Mexico, with a couple of Agaves in bloom. Also known as century plants because of their slow growth. After the development of the stalk, the plant dies (but suckers often grow from the base of the stem, and become new plants).

Climbing out of the Mimbres Valley, and up into the Piñon Pines.

Climbing higher still, into the Ponderosas and cool mountain air.

An afternoon rest stop at Rocky Canyon Campground (small but free).

A small field of Prickly Poppies. These plants are native to the area, and always seem to be in bloom when I pass through.

Delicate colors.

Cliff Lake, quite low this year.

Riding along into the late afternoon.

Beautiful clouds but the rain is a'coming.

Just a small mud puddle, a remnant of the last rain storm, several days ago it looks like.

Rained cats and dogs for five hours. The tarp kept me bone dry.

In the morning I discovered a bird nest in the oak tree near my tarp.

I call this place my "Bird's Nest Camp," New Mexico.

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28 days, 6,323 miles

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