2013-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #13

20 days, 4,756 miles, Jul 2013

Ray Jardine

Day 18 2013-07-18 page 18 of 21

Day's Riding: Campsite near stock trail to Silverthorne, 195 mi.

The Forest Service has changed the road along Blacktail creek. Google Maps is not showing the new road yet, but switch to satellite view and there it is. If Southbound: from the junction of paved 134 and gravel Rd 206, go SW on 206 for a couple hundred yards, then turn south on the new gravel road. View this place in Google Earth. If Northbound: you will find the new gravel road automatically if you follow the better road in that region.

Day 18: Colorado

Stagecoach Lake

Blacktail Creek

Stopping by my Big Foot camp.

Lunch stop at Radium Campground.

Gore Canyon panorama (three photos of Gore Canyon, Colorado River, and the Union Pacific Railroad.)

Williams Fork Reservoir

Another view of the Henderson Molybdenum Mine.

Gore Range.

Clean clothes in Silverthorne.

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