2013-07 GDRx2

The Great Divide Route (x2)

Motorcycling Adventure #13

20 days, 4,756 miles, Jul 2013

Ray Jardine

Day 14 2013-07-14 page 14 of 21

Day's Riding: Campsite above Swan Lake to campsite near Basin, 232 mi.

Day 14: Montana

Road Closed at South Woodward Creek

Little chance of getting my bike across that. The photo does not give a true impression of the depth of this hole.

Time to turn around and go around this section.

Lots of beautiful springs around here.

The route passes through Condon where I had a bite to eat.

Humorlessly named "Reservoir Lake"

Right about that.

Nice bike. How much horsepower?

A gentle climb to Huckleberry Pass.

S. Fork Poormans is on the route, but it scared me the first time I went down it, back in 2011 as a newbie, so I have since bypassed it via Stemple Pass Road. Now that I have more experience, I think it would be no problem.

A nice place to rest in the shade of the Ponderosas.

Camp along the Boulder River.

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