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Challenging Dirt Roads Through Colorado

Motorcycling Adventure #10

8 days, 2,073 miles, Sep 2012

Ray Jardine

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Wilson Arch outside of Moab

The early morning found me headed for Moab. Jenny had called the only motorcycle shop in town, and the owner affirmed he had lots of inner tubes in the size I needed.

Arriving Moab, I called in at the shop, and come to find out - the guy was mistaken. He had no inner tubes in that size.

I felt that I couldn't safely continue without a spare inner tube, and couldn't seem to find one anywhere - in any town within driving distance, or on-line. It seems the whole world was out of stock on that size, and had been for three months. So I reluctantly headed for home.

Funny story: That night I was kicked out of the Motel 6 in Holbrook, Arizona for parking my bike on the sidewalk alongside my room. The manager threatened to call the police if I didn't move the bike, but he was so testy that I didn't feel like complying. I told him that if he called the police, then I wanted a refund on the room. He wrote out the refund, and I packed the bike and found myself on the street again. I didn't feel like unloading at another motel, so I rode all night. It was a beautiful ride - absolutely beautiful, and I'm so glad I did it.

Jenny was camping an hour away from home, so I headed for her campsite and at 3:00 am surprised her. She thought I was in Holbrook. At dawn she rose and took the dog for a long run, while I kept sleeping. Then mid-morning we broke camp and returned home.

PS: I plan to continue with the ride in a week or so. In the meantime I am making several gear refinements.

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