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Challenging Dirt Roads Through Colorado

Motorcycling Adventure #10

8 days, 2,073 miles, Sep 2012

Ray Jardine

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Early morning out of Trinidad

Today's riding was on mostly good gravel roads. These are the Spanish Peaks (East 12,683' and West 13,625') They are your first "Wow!" moment when cycling across the country and entering southern Colorado from the east.

Outside of La Veta, I see fresh snow on the Culebra Range of the southern Sangre de Christos. The high one is Trinchera Peak at 13,517'

An old-fashioned service station in La Veta, CO. Here was the routine: Pull up to the pump, flip up the gas lever on the side of the pump, and start pumping gas. Then wander into the office to pay. The guy squints out the window to read the flow meter, then uses an extra-large calculator to figure the price. How times have changed!

Today's ride was pleasant as it rolled over hill and dale. The road was good and the scenery interesting.

A family of highland cows stood quietly beside the road while I took their picture. The larger male was standing right behind me, but I wanted to photograph the calves. They were somewhat skittish but very timid. Nice animals.

View of the road I just came up, and now we're starting to get somewhere. The Sangre de Christos are coming into view. In the center are Crestone Peak and Needle, and Humbolt.

The bike's rear-end started wobbling, and suddenly threw me wildly out of control. I was going 35 and almost lost it over the edge. Come to find out that the bead had broken loose on one side of the tire.

This is me for the next two hours, trying to patch the inner tube. The nail had done a real job on it. I was carrying a spare inner tube but if I used it, I would no longer have a spare.

All patched and ready to go.

Ten miles farther the tire went flat again. The large patch had torn loose. The patch was not large enough for that big of a hole. So this time the repair was quick and easy - I just fitted the spare tube. But I no longer had a spare, and that was a bit worrisome.

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