4,000 Miles of Dirt CDRx2

Continental Divide From Colorado to the Canadian Border, and Return Along the Same Route

Motorcycling Adventure #8

17.5 days, 4,853 miles, Jun-Jul 2012

Ray Jardine

2012-07-10Day 16 page 17 of 19

Salida to Camp NW of Stunner - 178 mi

Alpenglow on Mount Ouray

The road is a bit muddy so I have to drive slowly.

Marshall Pass

Coming down from Marshall Pass to the west.


A good gravel road leading through pretty scenery is a magic carpet ride on a motorcycle. It is good, all-day entertainment.

This is Ben from NY. His bike has one gear only and no suspension. He has hiked the AT, and cycled across the country. He had made his own gear, and he rides a motorcycle. We enjoyed a good half-hour chat.

Cochetopa Pass

Carnero Pass

The road crew was installing a culvert, but they let me squeeze through on the left.

The section going south to Del Norte is really fun, but I wouldn't try it on a street bike.

Riders from San Francisco.

They now have the new detour around the airport well signed.

I never would have thought that a gravel road would look so attractive. It's not the road, so much, but the free ticket through some beautiful scenery.

I stoped riding early today to enjoy my last camp in the Colorado Rockies. Tomorrow I would leave the route in New Mexico and make my way back home.

This little Columbine was growing behind my camp. It was the only one in the area.

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