Hermosillo, Mexico to Basaseachic

Motorcycling Adventure #5

6 days, Mar 2012

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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The night was quiet and peaceful at the Inn where we stayed in Bisbee; once again it was birdsong at first light that awoke us. We packed up and at 6:30 am continued on westward on Highway 80. We were pleased to hear and feel the bikes running more smoothly with the cleaner gas we had filled up on yesterday afternoon in Douglas.

We dropped down out of the Mule Mountains that surround Bisbee, and the air became several degrees cooler as we descended into the major drainage of the San Pedro River. Immense cottonwood trees lined the river, and for a couple miles either side of the river the vegetation grew lush. This riverland is protected in the San Pedro National Conservation Area.

We drove through the town of Sierra Vista, which was fairly quiet for a Saturday morning, then turned north on Highway 90. This southeast corner of Arizona is fascinating country, both historically and geologically. The rocky and rugged Huachuca Mountains rise dramatically to the south and west of Sierra Vista and the nearby military base. At this time of year, this is pleasant country to travel through.

A left turn onto Highway 82 took us west to Sonoita and then we headed north on Highway 83. We took a rest stop at the turnoff into the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, and enjoyed the views across the lower, scrubby foothills.

The Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

From here it was a pretty quick trip home, since we had decided to ride the slab through Tuscon and on west to our small town. We made one gas stop along the way, and once again the bikes were eager to get up to freeway speed and beyond.

At 10:00 am we rolled into our driveway. We were glad to be home, as usual, and especially so today, as already the temperature was reaching into the low 90's.

Despite the change in our itinerary, our loop through the mountains of Chihuahua was super enjoyable, and super fun.

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