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Punta Arenas

This article comprises a series of tests of my update system as I was developing it.

I developed this system for use on our South Pole trip, so that we could send daily updates to my web page. I wrote all the code myself, and reprogrammed my sat phone.

Originally my system was pretty rudimentary and relied on some outside help from my computer. But as time went on, I refined it piece by piece, and eventually managed to connect my entire update system autonomously. No more computer, no more phone line or cell phone.

The good news is this system actually worked! So not only did I use it on our South Pole trip, but the Vinson and Aconcagua climbs too. I was gone for nearly four months, during which time my server back home handled everything automatically. So all I had to do was write the updates, take the photos, and send them to my server.

The following are our updates, as we tested the system.

Making connectors.

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On our way to the South Pole, 2007/01/04. Photo by Jenny
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