Snowkiting Adventures

Skis, Wind and Kites


Ray & Jenny Jardine

Utah, March 2006
Skiing down to a lake in the morning.

Laying out the lines in an early morning snow storm.

This is our largest kite at 12 square meters. It measures 22' tip-to-tip L

Jenny carving a beautiful hair-pin turn.

The ranger said the snow on this lake was 4.5 feet deep, and beneath that, the ice was 4 feet thick.

The higher the winds, the smaller the kite. This is our smallest kite, at 3 square meters (10' tip-to-tip).

I carry a wind meter in my pocket. This morning's winds are 30 mph.

Jenny enjoying the Utah powder.
Except for one morning of no wind, we snowkited seven hours a day, for six days.
Kite skiing back up the hill in the late afternoon. Hidden in the gap in the fir trees above and to my right is the parking lot. By carefully steering the kite between the trees, I skied to within 15 feet of our car.

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