Canoeing Coppermine River & Pikes Portage

Yellowknife to Arctic Ocean

Northern Paddling Adventure #8

39 days, 960 miles, Jul-Aug 2005

Ray & Jenny Jardine

2005-07-20 page 15 of 40

Day 15 - Stormbound

Stormbound. The north wind grew stronger throughout the night. Rain spat from passing clouds. The temperature dropped. No sign of letting up by morning. We hunkered inside the tent for the day, resting, sleeping, reading, eating. Late afternoon we ventured out to collect water. We walked back into the bay to the south where the water wasn't crashing with surf.While cooking our corn pasta, the tundra under the stove caught fire. This surprised us, we didn't think the tundra would be that dry or could burn that hot. The flames leapt to nearly 2 feet high. Jenny quickly doused the flames and the tundra with water.

Still the wind blew 25 knots with no sign of easing throughout the afternoon and early evening.

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