Hello America Bicycle Tour

Twice Across the US, Coast to Coast

Bicycling Adventure #2

92 days, 6,700 miles, Mar-Jun 2004

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Hello America Bicycle Tour track across the US, Coast to Coast - Twice 6,700 miles in 92 days, 2004. Here is our route in Google Earth: Hello America Bicycle Tour

This might make a fun route if someone else wanted to follow it. My link gives the turn by turn details.


* I have left the town stops open, at the beginning and end of each day. Your GPS can find things in towns.

* Click on Edit, Properties, Style Color to control the lines.

* Tools, GPS to load the tracks into a GPS.

* We did a lot of highway riding, which might not be legal (or safe) in some areas. I'm not recommending this to others.

Here it is also in Google Maps. Click on the link below, and scroll down to see the next page.

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