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Canoeing the Kazan River

Kasba Lake to Baker Lake

Northern paddling Adventure #7

25 days, 560 miles, Jul 2001

Ray & Jenny Jardine

2001-07-20 page 11 of 25

Day 11

Home sweet home.

Another storm-bound day, same place, same strong wind, same light rain. We read and napped most of the day, but at one point we braved the outside world and enjoyed an hour's stroll (leaning into the wind) across the tundra.

Out for a stroll.

11:00 pm sunset

That evening at 11:00 pm we watched a beautiful sunset peering through a heartening gap in the clouds on the western horizon. At the same time the sky was lit magnificently with a full 180 degree rainbow. The mere glimpse of the sun filled our hearts with high hopes for a good day tomorrow - especially since the wind seemed to be diminishing somewhat.

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