Global Voyage

A Story About Sailing Around the World

Ray & Jenny aboard the ketch Suka

3 years, 35,000 miles, Nov 1982 - Jan 1986

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Chapter 2: Marquesas Magnifique page 28 of 109

Constrained Aboard by the Wind

In the morning the wind began slowly backing to the north and rising to Force 3 or 4. Constrained aboard by a troublesome chop working into the bay, we prepared for departure in case the wind strengthened. But by late afternoon the anchorage calmed considerably, leaving us free and eager to venture ashore once again. Unfortunately the surf now bashed the shore so powerfully that a shore landing was out of the question.



Cleaning the hull at the waterline.

A Visit with the Natives

A local fishing skiff arrived and anchored nearby, and two Marquesan teenagers hollered over to us. They wanted to escort us ashore in return for a ride in our dinghy. Not that they minded the swim, as per their custom, we soon learned. Rather, they wanted to know whether we had any .22 cartridges, which we did not. It seems that in the interests of preserving the local wild goat population, the French government had outlawed public ownership of bullets.

The youths took our oars and paddled the four of us toward a set of concrete steps, inundated every few seconds in a heavy surge. After studying the wave sets carefully, at just the right moment they paddled furiously to the landing. Gleefully, we all jumped ashore, and the fellows quickly lifted the dinghy and ran for higher ground. Jenny and I followed, with the next wave crashing at our heels.

The fellows invited us into their house, and showed us their small hoard of .22 caliber shells. Since the ban, these had become treasured objects of personal affluence.

Another Trek

“Extended seafaring has a way of honing the voyager's senses.”

After the visit, Jenny and I set off on another trek. This time we followed a dirt road that climbed the hillside and led through capacious mango and coconut groves. Mangos were in season and the trees were drooping ponderously with the ripe fruit. Had the plantation owners been present, no doubt they would have allowed us to pick a few. But we were alone and did not wish to offend anyone by helping ourselves. The temptation was great, though, so we compromised by collecting a few fresher pieces of the hundreds lying about the ground in various states of decay. Considering that extended seafaring has a way of honing the voyager's senses, these juicy mangos tasted simply divine. But eating ground fruit is not recommended, we later learned, because of the risk of contracting parasites.

Returning to the dinghy well past sunset, we were glad to find a shore-side light bulb illuminating the surf-thrashed landing. Gingerly we placed the inflatable into the frothy, heaving surge; and held it at arm's length by its painter as it dropped into the next trough. After waiting for a lull in the oncoming surf, we leapt aboard and each paddled a single oar vigorously out to safer water.

Sitting the Night at Anchor Watch

Back aboard, we spent the night sitting at anchor watch. The wind had backed to the west, and now blew directly into the anchorage - bringing with it a hefty chop. Suka pitched and bucked the harder as the night progressed, until her chain began snubbing sharply at her bowsprit roller. In darkness I went forward and paid out more scope, and after much experimentation I fitted a half-inch nylon climbing rope, quadrupled and acting as a large shock absorber. This worked reasonably well. Sensibly, one would depart an exposed anchorage when the conditions become untenable, and in retrospect we should have. But being hesitant to depart in darkness, we hung on in the hope that first light would bring mitigated conditions.

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