Blood Cleaner

Concept 200 & 300

by Ray and Jenny Jardine

Our Blood Cleaner is a micro electronic device that kills or disables pathogens in a person's bloodstream. It works by sending pulsed micro-currents through the skin and into the blood vessels of the wrist. These micro-currents are barely felt by the the person, only a slight tingling, but they are lethal to any harmful microorganisms found in the blood. These currents do not harm the red or white blood cells or interfere with their functions.

The Blood Cleaner

"Concept 200 & 300"

by Ray and Jenny Jardine

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support!

Please Note: The instructions that come with the Blood Cleaner have a great deal more info than shown on this page.


Our Blood Cleaner is worn on the wrist like a wristwatch, and is powered by a 9 volt battery. The dial is used to adjust the intensity of the current. The light indicates that the device is switched on. The device also features a tiny screw to adjust the frequency of the current.

The device itself is tiny; about the size of a postage stamp - and filled with mico circuitry. When put on and powered up, the Blood Cleaner sends pulsed micro-currents through the skin and into the blood vessels. These micro-currents are barely felt by the person, only a slight tingling; but they are lethal to any harmful microorganisms found in his or her blood. In essence, the device electrocutes germs in the bloodstream, killing bacteria, protozoa, and fungi; and destroying viruses. The micro-currents do not harm the red and white blood cells, or interfere with their functions.

"I am living proof that the Blood Cleaner works! My head has totally cleared up, I can think clearer, concentrate better, and my body is in a much more calm relaxed state. My body aches are gone by 70% , it's just amazing how far I have come in these five months, it's astronomical!!!" - Sherry B.

Sherry's Story

How to Use

The Blood Cleaner is used for up to an hour or two each day during a period of two months or longer if desired. Then repeat as needed, once or more each year or two.

How do you know that the device is working?

You will feel a slight tingling on your skin underneath the two probes. The tingling is caused by the pulsed micro-currents coming from the probes, going through the skin, and into the arteries of the wrist. You control the degree of tingling with a dial on the device. This should be set only at the comfort level - not too high, but also not to low.


Everyone knows the benefits of taking a shower, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and doing laundry. These regular activities help get rid of the germs (pathogens) on the body, in the mouth, on the dishes, and in the clothes. The Blood Cleaner does the same for a person's blood.

The Blood Cleaner should be great news for anyone who wants a boost in health and energy. The device cleans the blood of harmful microorganisms. Everyone has them, and most everyone could live in better heath without them. If nothing else, getting rid of these germs in the bloodstream would be a huge boost to one's immune system.

What's wrong with pathogens in the blood?

What's wrong with pathogens in the blood, if everybody has them?

1) They can they cause disease.

"Yes, but I'm not sick," you might think.

Pathogens in the blood can degrade body's immune system, making you more susceptible to catching colds, flu, strep throat, and a host of other more serious diseases.

List of Diseases Caused by Pathogens

Pathogens ("germs") = microorganisms (microbes) that cause disease (infectious agents) such as bacteria, fungi, protista (protozoa), viruses, and prions.


The vast majority of bacteria are harmless or beneficial, but a relatively small list of can cause infectious diseases.

Some examples of pathogenic bacteria diseases: Botulism, Bubonic Plague, Diphtheria, Diphtheria, Gonorrhea, Leprosy, Lyme, Malaria, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Rheumatic Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Salmonella, Septic Arthritis, Syphilis, Tetanus, Traveler's Diarrhea, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, Urinary Tract Infection.

Pathogenic bacteria are usually treated with antibiotics.


Some examples of viral diseases: Chickenpox, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Cold sores, Colorado tick fever, Common Cold, Dengue fever, Ebola, Encephalitis, Epstein-Barr, Hantavirus, Herpes, HIV (causes AIDS), Influenza (flu), Tick-borne encephalitis, Measles, Meningitis, Mononucleosis, Mumps, Nano-Virus, Pneumonia, Polio, Rabies, Rotavirus, Rubella, Shingles, Smallpox, Syphilis, West Nile fever (encephalitis), Yellow Fever, Zika.

Viruses are usually treated with antiviral compounds.

A list of diseases caused by pathogens. Another list.

The Common Cold

The Common Cold is caused by cold viruses entering the body, dodging the body's immune system, and invading cells of the upper respiratory tract. These viruses replicate in the cells, then spread via the bloodstream. The Blood Cleaner can destroy these viruses in the bloodstream. However, a strong immune system will never let them get started, in the first place. Regular use of the Blood Cleaner can vastly strengthen a person's immune system, to the point where the person never get colds (flu, strep throat, etc).

The last time I (Ray) had a cold or flu was 22 years ago, before I started using the device. This might be coincidence, but personally I think it is because killing pathogens in the blood gives the body's immune system a huge boost. And so the immune system can better fight off such ailments.

Please note that we are not claiming the device will cure the common cold. Our only claim is that the device kills or disables pathogens in the blood, and thereby strengthens the person's immune system.

Symptoms of the common cold are mostly due to the body's immune response to the infection, rather than to cell destruction by the viruses themselves. Using the Blood Cleaner for too much time at the start can also cause some of the same symptoms, as the body tries to get rid of a flood of dead pathogens. We call this effect "bonking" and it is an immune response as well.


Malaria is caused by the bite of a mosquito infected with protozoans (single-celled microorganisms) of the Plasmodium type. The recommended treatment is a combination of antimalarial medications, but a drug resistance among the parasites has developed to several of the antimalarial medications. In an infected person, the protozoans reside primarily in the blood and liver, where they invade the cells and multiply.

The Blood Cleaner will kill these Malaria sporozoites.

The Blood Cleaner saved my (Ray) life. I contracted malaria during our round-the-world sailing trip. (Global Voyage) and subsequently experienced yearly relapses. These relapses happened during our kayaking and hiking journeys, and were extremely intense. They became more severe each time, and the final one just about killed me. The doctors could do nothing, but then I discovered the Blood Cleaner (an older model). I used the device for two months, and it thankfully freed me of the disease and brought an end to the relapses.

Malaria sporozoites and the infected red blood cells are visible in a powerful dark-field microscope.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is an infectious disease caused by the bite of a tick which has been infected with bacteria of the Borrelia type.

A doctor-prescribed course of antibiotics, started soon after the bite, can be quite effective. But if the person does not take the antibiotics soon enough, or not at all, then the disease can become quite serious.

The Blood Cleaner can be very effective at killing Borrelia type bacteria in a person's blood.

Please note that we are not claiming the device will cure Lyme Disease. Our only claim is that the device kills or disables pathogens in the blood, and thereby strengthens the person's immune system.

We also do not recommend using the Blood Cleaner in lieu of taking the doctor-prescribed antibiotics. We recommend taking the antibiotics as the first line of defense.

But sometimes the person is left with persistent symptoms, even after taking the full course of antibiotics. And at some point, the doctor will forbid taking more. This is where the the Blood Cleaner can come into it's own. It is an option when all other options run out.

Borrelia bacteria spirochetes are visible in a person's bloodstream using a powerful dark-field microscope. I use such a microscope in my lab.

In 2009 I contracted Lyme Disease while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Even after the usual six-weeks course of antibiotics, the disease had taken root in the body and was not letting go. The doctors forbade any more antibiotics, and chronic fatigue began to set in. I had not used the Blood Cleaner for a few years, so I began using it daily. The Blood Cleaner ate my chronic fatigue syndrome for lunch, and ten days later I started hiking and even running.

Today I have more energy than ever, and because the Blood Cleaner worked so well for me, I have, in turn, worked hard on the device, making it even more powerful, miniaturizing the circuitry, and making it available to other people in need.


Please note that we are not claiming the device will cure diseases. Our only claim is that the device kills or disables pathogens in the blood. This is based on dark field blood microscopy, comparing the before and after use of the device. And on Ray's own experience and that of many other people. Ray has been using the device for 22 years, (older models) and has some dramatic success stories concerning Malaria, Lyme Disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Not to be used by anyone with a pacemaker, or anyone taking strong drugs. Not advised for children. Also, not suitable for a person adverse to drinking lots of water. As the device kills pathogens in the blood, the body must be able to flush them out. Without enough water in the system, the dead pathogens can build to a toxic level and can make you ill. And unless you have used the device within the last year, you are quite likely to have pathogens in your blood.

Warning! Also, don't use the device for an hour to start with. That early in the treatment the device might kill more pathogens than your body (liver, spleen, kidneys, and lymph) can safely flush - again making you ill. We recommend starting with only ten minutes per day, then over the course of the next two or three weeks, gradually building up to an hour. By starting with only short sessions, and drinking lots of water before, during, and after use, you should notice no adverse effects.

No guarantees

We are selling our Blood Cleaner as is, with no guarantees, other than the functioning of the actual electrical circuitry. We advise you to use the Blood Cleaner at your own risk.

Also, we are not trying to make a large profit with this device. Each unit takes a huge amount of time to make; but we are convinced of the health and energy benefits and are trying to make this technology available to those who have a genuine need or at least an interest. And we hope that in the same spirit, our customers will respect our efforts and will refrain from any litigiousness or back-engineering.


The Blood Cleaner is a completed device (not a kit). Ray makes the circuit boards and solders the micro-components to them, and also makes the probes. Jenny makes the wrist strap that holds a 9v battery and the device, and also the BC probe wrappers. The package comes with two types of probes - one set for cleaning the bloodstream, and another set for making nano-silver in a glass of water to kill pathogens in the Upper GI (gastrointestinal) tract. The device runs on a standard 9-volt battery, but the battery is not included. However, we also sell a 9v lithium battery and a battery charger to keep the battery topped up so the device runs at maxim power.

Contents of our Blood Cleaning package (but the battery is a separate item).

The Blood Cleaner by Ray and Jenny Jardine. The small oscilloscope shows the output waveform.

Underside of the wrist showing the BC probes positioned over the radial and ulnar arteries.

White Blood Cells

If the body's white blood cells get rid of pathogens, why are there so many left remaining in the person's blood?

Certain aspects of this are poorly understood by science, but in essence, when a pathogen first enters the bloodstream, the white blood cells of the immune system check out its antigens and determine if the cell is foreign. If yes, then the white blood cells produce antibodies that coat antigens on the invading pathogens and supposedly destroy them. However, these pathogens have evolved over millions of years to trick the white blood cells into letting them stay. If not too many, they can live in a subdued state. But otherwise they can overwhelm the bodies defense systems and make the person sick. And that's why the Blood Cleaner is effective. The pathogens haven't evolved any defense against the pulsed electric currents of the Blood Cleaner. Electric currents in the bloodstream are something new, in terms of millions of years of evolution. And so these pulsed currents easily kill or disable the pathogens. The white blood cells then recognize these dead micro-organisms foreign, and work to flush them out.

Too Much Time to Begin With

The Blood Cleaner is very powerful and should not be taken lightly. A person should start with only 10 minutes a day, and increase the time, day by day, but only in small increments. As the device kills pathogens in the blood, the body then has to flush them out. The body can flush only so many at a time. A rush of dead pathogens can overwhelm the eliminative organs (kidneys, liver, spleen, and lymphatic system) and make a person sick. Better to have them out - but not too many, too fast. And once again, the body needs lots of water during the flushing.


Bonking is Ray's term for making oneself sick by using the Blood Cleaner for too much time to begin with. Bonking feels like an illness - flu, a cold, or just a runny nose - depending on the severity of the reaction. But actually it's not an illness. It's just the body's method of dealing with the massive overload of dead pathogens by using any - and all - eliminative measures in it's arsenal. These eliminative measures mimic an illness. The respiratory system may produce mucus to flush the toxins (dead pathogens) from the body. the skin is sometimes used to eliminate through sweating and eruptions. The body might resort to vomiting or diarrhea, and all the rest. Of course, the kidneys, liver, and lymph are pressed into the upmost service. If using the Blood Cleaner makes you sick, that is bonking, not a sickness. This toxic overload is a healing crisis, the body attempts to dumps large amounts of waste.

Bonking is a sure sign that the Blood Cleaner is working, and also that the person has a substantial pathogen count in the blood.

But bonking is no fun, so use the Blood Cleaner for no more than 10 minutes to start with, and each day increase the time by small increments.

When you have worked up to an hour or two, your blood will be largely pathogen free, as indicated by the lack of bonking.

Difference between Concept 200 & 300

To the people who bought a Blood Cleaner in the past, that was our first model: series 100. Our Concept 200 has a different component layout on the circuit board; the board is smaller, and sits vertically along-side the battery, rather than horizontally. It has a lower profile on the person's wrist, but has the same power and does the exact same thing as far as killing pathogens.

Our Concept 300 has more advanced technology. It looks about the same as the 200, and has the same power; but the 300 has a different circuit layout again, smaller still, and with added components. As one example, it has circuit protection from reverse polarity. Should the user accidentally touch the battery clip to the battery with the wrong polarity, it will do no harm. The 200 has no such protection, and a wrong polarity will create a small spark that will instantly fry the power supply.

The 300 with its more advanced technology is much more difficult and time consuming to build, so with the added components it has a higher price point.

Our 100's sold for $78.95, and the Concept 200 is the same price. The Concept 300 sells for $118.85. If you want an inexpensive unit and are very careful about the battery polarity, we might suggest the 200. If you want our latest and greatest, then buy the 300. Or buy both, and use the Concept 300 and keep the Concept 200 as a spare or give it to a friend in need.

Nano Silver

Our Blood Cleaner also can make Nano Silver in a glass of water. Drinking this will kill pathogens in the Upper GI (gastrointestinal) tract. Our instructions provide the details.

Video: Making a glass of Nano-Silver from Tap Water in 26 seconds with Ray and Jenny's Blood Cleaner. Shot in real time, not sped up.

  • Nano-silver water-filters are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The American space agency NASA uses a nano-silver water-purification system for its space shuttles; so do the Russians.
  • Most airline companies use nano-silver water-filters to curtail waterborne diseases.
  • Medical and clinical practitioners often use microscopic silver as a germicide to prevent spreading of disease.

Uses of Nano-Silver

A Year of Development

This Blood Cleaner is the result of hundreds of hours of work over the past year, making over 200 prototypes and populating the circuit boards with micro-electronic components. There are no words to express the satisfaction of bringing a piece of technology into existence. We have put so much work into this device, and there have been times when the project seemed impossible. But every now and then a build has shown a spark of possibility, and those occasions have filled us with hope and spurred us on.

We make the Blood Cleaners under a microscope and use a home-made vacuum tool to place the components on the circuit boards. The green board shown here is actually 12 Blood Cleaners ganged together.

With my electronics microscope I'm looking at one of the 27 components for the Blood Cleaner, with a dime for scale.

I designed and built this jig to test the components of the new Concept 300 during an intermediate step of manufacturing. The circuit board being tested is in my right hand. Not shown are the 27 micro-components on the back side. But the two LED's lit-up indicate that the board's circuits are working.

I personally think the Blood Cleaner is the best thing ever, and I think everyone should have one. People are skeptical of new and strange ideas, but I have been using such devices for 22 years and absolutely swear by it. It has saved me so much grief, and boosted my immune system off the scale. Nearly everyone has gobs of pathogens in their blood, and the Blood Cleaner will wipe them out. The device is very safe when used according to my instructions, and you will get my instructions when you buy the unit. So don't delay, get started now!

Pathogens in the Blood

During my AT hike I carried a Blood Cleaner and used it every four or five days. I didn't see a single tick during any of the three segments of the hike, and I attribute that mainly to my shell pants. (The ticks can't cling to these pants, so simply fall off.) My use of the Blood Cleaner was for "just in case." Then when I returned home I had a good look at my blood sample with my powerful dark-field microscope. With this tool I can see any pathogens plain as day (at least the non-viral types). And I didn't find any.

But a month later I was looking at my blood and found some strange and highly disturbing pathogens. They were not Lyme spirochetes, but I believe I got them from mosquito bites in my back yard. So I got on the Blood Cleaner and turned the dial to turbo for two hours, then took another blood sample and this time didn't find any.

Looking through my powerful dark-field microscope, I see two strange and disturbing pathogens in my blood. These are a form of bacteria which have penetrated the red blood cells, changed their shape and left their "tails" sticking out. I believe I got them from mosquito bites in my back yard. I zapped them with the Blood Cleaner shorty afterwords, and later tests came out clean. The odd shaped cell is a normal rbc dying from old age. Under one infected cell is a healthy (round) rbc. The dark area in the upper left is a bubble under my slip cover.

Here in Arizona we have had lots of rain, and the mosquitoes are out in droves. And the main problem, at least in our neighborhood, is that they seem to be infected with some sort of microbial pathogen, ether bacterial or protozoan. When I go out into the back yard, I inevitably receive a few bites. Then when I later take a blood sample, I can see these pathogens on my powerful dark-field microscope. (photo above). And when I use the Blood Cleaner, the pathogens are gone - until the next mosquito bite, when new ones are back again.

Without my microscope I would not know that these mosquitoes are a health hazard. And without my Blood Cleaner, I wouldn't be able to do much about it.

The reader doesn't need a powerful microscope. Take it from me that mosquitoes can infect your blood with dangerous microorganisms. But I recommend that everyone should have a Blood Cleaner and use it whenever a blood-thirsty insect bites you - possibly injecting a slew of pathogens into your bloodstream. Without the Blood Cleaner, you are living with these pathogens in your body.

As shown the photo above, the pathogens have bored into the red blood cells, so that they are hiding from the white blood cells that would otherwise remove them. And before long, these pathogens will have multiplied, "killed" (deactivate) their hosts red blood cells, and likely spread into other areas of the body.

Actually, when a bacterial or protozoan pathogen bores into a red blood cell, it deactivates the red blood cell straightaway. But the pathogen still uses the red blood cell for cover, and as a shelter for multiplying. The Blood Cleaner kills the pathogen, even though hiding inside a red blood cell, and the dead pathogen and the deactivated host red blood cell are removed from the blood stream.

I have followed this process many times on my microscope, looking at blood samples taken at regular times through out the day. So I know how the blood reacts to the Blood Cleaner. After using Blood Cleaner, my blood is full of white blood cells. The body makes these fast, in response to the flood of dead pathogens in the bloodstream. It's the job of these white blood cells to remove the dead pathogens. Then when the blood is clean, the white blood cells are no longer needed, so they, in turn, are removed. The next morning, after a good night's sleep, I again take a blood sample, and find very few white blood cells, gobs of healthy red blood cells, and no pathogens.

Using the Blood Cleaner is very dehydrating to the blood

Using the Blood Cleaner in turbo mode (dial turned far up) for two hours is very dehydrating to the blood, and through the microscope I found that the red blood cells were all jammed up against each other - called 'rouleaux'. So it was a strong reminder for everyone to drink lots of water when using the Blood Cleaner, turbo mode or not. In fact, I suspect "bonking" is caused mainly by dehydration as the rouleaux interferes with the free movement of leukocytes (white blood cells) which clean the blood of dead pathogens.

Anyway, be sure to drink lots of water when using the Blood Cleaner.

Another Success Story

Another success story: I had a look at someone's blood through my dark-field microscope and found it teeming with bacterial symbionts. I suggested the person use the Blood Cleaner, my Mod400 at low power. An hour and 15 minutes later I took another sample and found that the Blood Cleaner had reduced the symbiont count by a whopping 99%.

Bacterial symbionts in the blood. I've circled a few, but there are hundreds of them in this frame. They are hard to see in a still photo, but in the microscope they are swimming around vigorously. I took this photo with my microscope and it's camera. An hour and 15 minutes on the Blood Cleaner, and the vast majority of them were gone.

Our latest efforts: another batch of Concept 300 Blood Cleaners.

Another batch of Blood Cleaners, the Concept 200.
Our Concept 200's and 300's are now for sale. Please see our Order Form.

Ray's messy electronics desk, shown here after a year of work on the Blood Cleaner. The phone-like device at bottom center is an oscilloscope. The device with the white panel is an SMD hot-air rework station; I use it to remove chips from the circuit board when something is not working.

"I found a bulls eye rash on my leg and was diagnosed with early stage Lyme disease. The doctors started me on Doxycycline 100mg twice a day. I think that is standard treatment. I purchased a blood cleaner and used it faithfully 30 days. With the antibiotics and the blood cleaner, I have been free from Lyme's symptoms. I would like to continue using the blood cleaner for another 30 days just to make sure all residual organisms get taken care of. After I am done using the blood cleaner my wife would like to use it as well. I am a very satisfied Ray-Way customer. Tarp, net-tent, knife, backpack, pad kit, bat wings, quilt." - Ron S., VA

"Hello Ray and Jenny,

Just wanted to let you know that I made a choice 100% on my own to start the Blood Cleaner, I have decided things can't get much worse for me, and I have nothing to lose and there is nothing left for me to try, and that after ten months of Antibiotics, Realistically not much has changed, and the suffering still goes on, and it's no life, and I gotta move on, only I know how I really feel.

So I went 100% Fruits and Vegetables, not one single cheat, not even a grain of salt, I have never ate this healthy in my entire life! And today is my 30th day! Not going to get into how I felt, but wasn't the easiest, but so glad I did it!!

I started the Blood Cleaner one week ago today, and chose that day because two weeks ago I went off of the drugs, which I don't believe I will go back on.

The Blood Cleaner is working Wonderful, as well as making the Nano silver, now I just got to and look forward to Great results! I'm as well drinking tons of Water!! I know there is no guarantee that this will work for everybody, but I'm very Positive!!!

I'm so impressed with this unit, and means a lot to me knowing they are hand made by you two very intelligent people!! You two are amazing in what you have accomplished in your life!! I read a lot about the both of you on line, and look forward to reading your Books, when I will have my concentration and Eyes not being so strained back someday soon ( I strongly believe).

I bought another 300 just to put away, and use it in good health. Everyone should have one of these, healthy or not! It just all makes so much common sense.

Once again Thank you Both so much!

-Sherry R. Canada

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