The Ray-Way Quadratic Net-Tent Sewing Video

Jenny Demonstrates the Sewing

Ray-Way Products

Sewing the Ray-Way Quadratic Net-Tent Kit


Jenny demonstrates the complete construction of the Quadratic Net-Tent kit.

Run time 45 minutes.

The video shows how easily the Quadratic Net-Tent goes together, and it also provides an understanding of the assembly methods, for those who prefer to learn in a visual and audio context.

For someone who prefers, instead, to read and study printed instructions, those that come with the kit describe the process fully, step by step. The video is not meant to replace those printed instructions. This leaves us free to make small changes in the instructions, later on, without having to update the video every time.

The video contains no music. In most cases everyone's musical tastes differ markedly. So for the most pleasing results, we recommend you switch on your favorite tunes, and watch the video to that.

Note that the printed instructions give the latest information and take precedence over what is shown in the video.

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