The Ray-Way Backpack Sewing Video

Jenny Demonstrates the Sewing while Ray Narrates

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Sewing the Ray-Way Backpack Kit

DVD Video

Run time: 1 hour
Sewing by Jenny
Narrated by Ray

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Jenny demonstrates the sewing the backpack, while Ray narrates. We assume the viewer already knows the basics of sewing; and this leaves us free to concentrate on making the backpack. And during the one hour run time we detail the backpack's complete construction, start to finish.

The video shows how easily the backpack kit goes together, and it also provides an understanding of the assembly methods, for those who prefer to learn in a visual and audio context.

For someone who prefers, instead, to read and study printed instructions, those that come with the kit describe the process fully, step by step. The video is not meant to replace those printed instructions. For example, in the video we do not give the dimensions and measurements contained in the printed instructions. This leaves us free to make small changes in the instructions, later on, without having to update the video every time.

By the way, the video contains no music. In most cases everyone's musical tastes differ markedly. So we recommend you switch on your favorite tunes, and watch the video to them. That should produce the most pleasing results.

The printed instructions give the latest information and take precedence over what is shown on the video.

Note: A few weeks after making the video we changed the design of the shoulder straps in one small area - concerning the placement of the 1.5" webbing on the strap casing. The DVD shows the reference line 3/4" below the top of the casing, while the instructions (page 4, step 10) show the reference line in alignment with the top of the casing. Again, the instructions always show the latest design.

Note also that we have since added a draw-cord closure at the top of the backpack where it meets the extension collar (shown more clearly here).

"The backpack kit DVD is first rate. The narration is clear and to the point, and the visuals are expertly modeled. I appreciate the obvious planning that went into your DVD. Incidentally, the lack of music wasn't missed in the least, and, to me, is in keeping with the no-nonsense approach. Another side benefit is that, what with watching a pro at work, I was able to pick up certain techniques here and there that will make my sewing that much better. Very well-crafted!" -Scott G.

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