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The Ray-Way Tarp Kit

Make Your Own Camping Tarp!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Using Other Fabrics with our Ray-way Tarp Design page 11 of 11

Pg 11: Using Other Fabrics

When I wrote the Tarp Book Essential, I didn't think to include this statement.

The design of the Ray-Way Tarp, plans, and instructions are not the most import part. Far from it. The most import part - by far - is our tarp material.

Our Ray-Way tarp fabric is the only tarp fabric on the planet that is guaranteed to be mist-through proof. I consider this vital for safe and comfortable camping.

We treat our tarp fabric with a special, proprietary process, and this takes us a lot of work, and causes us a great deal more expense.

We are very concerned for the camping safety and comfort of ourselves and our customers, and that is why we do not authorize the use of our Tarp Design with other, non-Ray-Way tarp fabrics.

When you order a Ray-Way Tarp Kit from us, rest assured that you are getting the best setup possible, at the best deal.

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