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The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Pg 8: Custom Sizing

We design our quilt kits to be custom fit to the individual. The instructions supplied with each type of kit describe how this is done, during the quilt's construction. However, before your order your kit, the following considerations apply:

1-P Length

Our one-person quilt kit is long enough for someone up to (and including) 6'1". If your height is between 6'2" and 6'7", please add one Long Option to your order.

1-P width

Max width for our one-person quilt kit is around 57". If you need wider, we suggest adding the 1-P Wide Option (found on our order form) which gives you up to 4" in extra width. If you need your quilt wider than 61", then we suggest the two-person quilt kit. If you need narrower, and most people certainly will, then you would simply trim the materials according to the directions included with the kit, for a perfect fit.

For a general idea of the width of your 1-person quilt, prior to purchasing your kit, crawl under a sheet or blanket and place a couple of clothes pins on its upper edge - one on each side of you - at what seems like the best width. Then lay the blanket flat and measure that width. Note that this is only a guideline prior to purchasing your kit. The blanket is not contoured like the quilt, and will not fit you nearly as nicely. But if your measurement is 57" or less, then we can suggest the 1-person quilt kit. If 58" to 61" then add the 1-P Wide Option to your order. If you think you might be borderline on 57" we might suggest adding the Wide Option anyway, because it will give you more latitude in your measuring, and more materials to work with.

Again, the kit includes instructions for determining your actual quilt width, during its construction.

2-P Length

Our two-person quilt kit is intended for those up to 5'10" in height. If taller than that, simply add the 2-person Long Option to your order. If you are borderline on 5'10" we might suggest the Long option anyway.

The 2-P Long Option includes 67" of additional fabric and 67" of additional insulation, both about 60" wide. This large amount is necessary due to the layout of the pieces, and it leaves you with plenty left over for making other small projects. The Long Option is for those up to 6'7".

2-P width

Max width for our 2-person quilt kit is 73" finished (whether the length is Standard or Long Option).

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