Pg 1: How does the quilt work?
     Why not use a sleeping bag?
  Pg 2: Quilt Features
     Foot Pocket
     Draft Stopper
  Pg 3: Adjustable Warmth
  Pg 4: Contents of our Quilt Kit
     Clear instructions
     Fabric Colors
  Pg 5: History
  Pg 6: Sewing the Quilt Kit
     How long does the sewing take?
     What type of sewing machine?
     Thread Pro
  Pg 7: Kit Advantages
  Pg 8: Custom Sizing
  Pg 9: Weights
  Pg 10: Handling
  Pg 11: Quilt Stuffed Size
     Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag Kit
  Pg 12: Quilt and Tarp Work Together
  Pg 13: More Than One
  Pg 14: Questions and Answers
  Pg 15: Feedback
  Pg 16: Weight vs Warmth
  Pg 17: Goose Down
  Pg 18: Xtra-Layer
  Pg 19: Sewing the foot pocket
  Pg 20: A Ray-Way Hand-Sewn Quilt
  Pg 20: The 1P Extra-Wide Option

The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

History of the Ray-Way Quilt page 5 of 21

Pg 5: History

We invented the camping quilt in 1992, and originated the term "Quilt" as regards to sleeping in the outdoors. We called it the "Quilt" because of the yarn ties (quilts) we used to hold the insulation in place. We still use these ties in our design today.

Late Fall of 1992, making our first home-made Quilt.

This was the world's first quilt.

1993 on the A.T. near Harriman State Park. The same first quilt. Our sleeping gear was always moist and droopy because the tent trapped moisture during the night, as coming from our breath and insensible perspiration. And this tent had a huge open doorway (and awning, not shown). The synthetic insulation kept us warm at night, at least, and that was a major breakthrough. But during the day, we couldn't dry the quilt very well, because of the rain and high humidity. Next year we switched to a tarp, and that made another huge difference. We found that with a tarp, we did not need to dry the quilt, because it was never damp, in spite of the rain.

Spring 1994, making our third quilt in preparation for our fifth thru-hike, PCT-3

Summer 1994, our third quilt in the North Cascades on the PCT.

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