Pg 1: How does the quilt work?
     Why not use a sleeping bag?
  Pg 2: Quilt Features
     Foot Pocket
     Draft Stopper
  Pg 3: Adjustable Warmth
  Pg 4: Contents of our Quilt Kit
     Clear instructions
     Fabric Colors
  Pg 5: History
  Pg 6: Sewing the Quilt Kit
     How long does the sewing take?
     What type of sewing machine?
     Thread Pro
  Pg 7: Kit Advantages
  Pg 8: Custom Sizing
  Pg 9: Weights
  Pg 10: Handling
  Pg 11: Quilt Stuffed Size
     Ray-Way Quilt Stowbag Kit
  Pg 12: Quilt and Tarp Work Together
  Pg 13: More Than One
  Pg 14: Questions and Answers
  Pg 15: Feedback
  Pg 16: Weight vs Warmth
  Pg 17: Goose Down
  Pg 18: Xtra-Layer
  Pg 19: Sewing the foot pocket
  Pg 20: A Ray-Way Hand-Sewn Quilt
  Pg 20: The 1P Extra-Wide Option

The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

Hand Sewn Quilt page 20 of 21

Pg 20: A Ray-Way Hand-Sewn Quilt

David and Heidi

"Here is a photo of the quilt I just finished. I spent around 25 very enjoyable hours hand stitching it.

Heidi and I have lived year round in our "stealth van" for the past five years. Being "rent and mortgage free" allows us to travel, without the van, all summer and during winter break. (we are both college teachers).

I've followed your career with great interest for thirty years. The quilt, and many other Ray-Way ideas I've used, work nicely for this lifestyle, which allows a certain "connection" if I have the concept right." - David G.

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