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The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Pg 2: Quilt Features

Foot Pocket

Our quilt design begins with the foot pocket. The foot pocket envelops the feet comfortably, yet it also allows the feet to be shifted out from under the quilt if desired on a warm night. With the feet tucked inside the foot pocket, a simple tug re-positions the quilt over you.

The photo shows the quilt upside down for purposes of illustration only. One does not use the quilt this way. But the photo does show the foot pocket, and the draft stopper (described below).

Integrated gorget


Next on our quilt's list of features is what we call the gorgetTM (pronounced as in gorgeous jet - GOR-jet).

This is the head portion of the quilt, seen in this photo to the right of the lateral seam line. The gorget is a specially shaped panel that gives the head portion of the quilt a 3-dimensional profile, contouring the quilt nicely about the neck and shoulders.

In the above photo the gorget is covering Jenny's head, but only to better show the gorget. Note how the upper edge of the gorget is hugging the ground. Without the contouring qualities of the gorget, the quilt would remain open.

Jenny using the gorget properly - draped over the neck and covering the shoulders.

2-person quilt. Body in gray, Gorget in green, Draft Stopper in blue. The quilt in this photo is a prototype. The components in our Quilt Kit are all one color.

For best warmth all through the night, one keeps the face outside, to prevent moisture-laden breath from accumulating inside the quilt. The head is meant to be covered with our Insulated Hat Kit.

The Gorget is included in our 1-person and 2-person Quilt Kits.

The same Quilt pictured above, this time at the South Pole.

This particular Quilt has gone with us on several trips and expeditions:

Greenland - Two weeks on the Greenland ice cap.

South Pole - Two months skiing to the South Pole.

Vinson - Seven Days climbing Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica.

Two weeks at Patriot Hills Basecamp, in Antarctica.

Aconcagua - Three weeks on Aconcagua. Highest camp: 19,160' (5840 m)

This Quilt is the same as our 2P Quilt Kit with the Alpine Option, minus the SplitZip.

Draft Stopper

View of the underside showing the draft stopper and foot pocket

Shown at right, the Draft Stopper is a strip of extra material sewn around the quilt's perimeter. Its purpose is to close off any inadvertent gaps. Any kind of wind blowing on the quilt (and this should not not happen beneath a properly pitched tarp) will tend to pin the draft stopper to the ground. Alternatively you can tuck the draft stopper under you for even greater comfort.

The Draft Stopper is included in our 1-person and 2-person Quilt Kits.


For the two-person quilt only, unzips the quilt into two pieces so that each person carries half. The zipper is protected by a baffle that prevents cold spots. We have used the SplitZip feature for years, and find it extremely useful.

The SplitZip is included With Our two-person Quilt Kits.

Our SplitZip divides the 2P quilt into two pieces laterally, so that the zipper runs side to side. A few of our customers have split their 2P quilts lengthwise so that they can use their quilts in 2P or 1P mode. We, ourselves, do not care for the idea of spliting lengthwise because the zipper and its baffle are much longer, they interfere somewhat with the foot pocket, and they run the full length of the second person's body, directly on top of them. Also, a 2P quilt split lengthwise would need to be made 3" wider to accommodate the zipper baffle. A much better idea, we feel, is to split the 2P quilt side to side, and to make a separate 1P quilt for use when camping solo. However, any customers who wish to supply their own zipper are certainly free to make their 2P quilt however they like.

Included with our Quilt Kits

The Gorget, Draft Stopper (and for the 2p, the SplitZip) are included with our Quilt Kits. The instructions tell you how to incorporate these features in your quilt. The instructions also tell you how to omit any of them.

Since inventing the gorget and draft-stopper in early 2005, we have been using quilts with these features every night - and with exceptional results. In fact, they work so well that we can hardly imagine doing without.

The amount of extra sewing required by the gorget and draft-stopper is minimal - only two extra seams on both layers of fabric, and one hand-basted seam on each layer of insulation. The gorget adds very little weight and bulk, because it requires only 4" of extra length, and a large percentage of that is removed in the gorget tapers. Yet despite this simplicity, the additional warmth and comfort are outstanding. We recommend these features wholeheartedly.

on the PCT, a 2-Person Ray-Way Quilt with SplitZip. James and Gena Gibling.

Neck Slot

We invented a neck slot (cut-out) in the gorget in 1995, but found that it limits the quilt's versatility in two ways: One, the slot might be in the correct location while one is sleeping on the back, but not when one rolls over onto the side, and especially in the fetal position. And two, in extremely cold weather one might wish to cover the head with the gorget, while keeping the face very near an open edge for adequate ventilation - something like the first photo at the top of the first page. A neck slot does not allow good head coverage.

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