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The Ray-Way Quilt Kit

Make Your Own Camping Quilt!

Ray-Way Products

Ray & Jenny Jardine

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Pg 18: Xtra-Layer

One advantage to making your own quilt, is that you can modify it however you like. For example, if you think it will be not warm enough, you can add more insulation.

Our standard quilt kit contains two layers of Woodland insulation, each 5/8" thick, for a temperature rating of 50 °F.

We also offer our Alpine option, which upgrades your quilt kit to contain 2 layers of 0.9" rather than the 5/8".

The Xtra-Layer is a third layer of Woodland (5/8") insulation that will boost the quilt's temperature rating down to 15°F.

Note about metabolism: Some people sleep "warmer" than others, and the quilt or sleeping bag's temperature rating is mainly for them. For those who tend to sleep "cold" we recommend our Alpine upgrade, even in summertime. And for colder nights still, we recommend you simply wear extra clothes.

Nevertheless, adding the Xtra-Layer to a quilt-in-the-making is fairly simple. It requires some extra hand basting but no extra sewing. Note that our Alpine upgrade requires no extra basting or extra sewing.

Adding the Xtra-Layer to an existing quilt is also straightforward. It takes a bit of time, but as with all your sewing projects, this is quality time spent on a very meaningful project.

The Xtra-Layer will increase your quilt's weight and bulk. Therefore, we recommend you consider your options carefully.

The Ray-Way Woodland quilt (50°F) is designed to be used beneath a tarp. It will be less warm inside a tent - same with any sleeping bag. This is because a tent traps moisture - from your breath and insensible perspiration (the moisture coming from your skin). Altogether this loss of moisture amounts to about 2 liters per night, per person. This is a lot of dampness, and most is trapped inside the tent, where it absorbs into your quilt or sleeping bag, and your clothing, reducing their ability to keep you warm.

Therefore, before adding the Xtra-Layer, consider switching from a tent to a ray-way tarp. This will save you the weight and bulk of the extra layer, and the weight and bulk of the tent compared with the tarp.

Or, save your current 50°F quilt for use on warmer nights, and make a second quilt containing the Xtra-Layer, for use with a tent, or on much colder nights. This is our recommended option because it gives you the greatest flexibility. Your second quilt will be easier to make, in regards to your experience gained making the first one.

The Xtra-Layer measures 82" by 60" and will fit either a 1-person quilt or a 2-person quilt.

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