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Ray-Way Stropping Kit

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After you have finished using the sharpening boards using three grits of wet-&-dry, and have achieved the sharpest blade that you can, then it's time to strop the blade to make it razor sharp.


The Ray-Way Stropping Kit, and in the background a finished board with the leather glued on.

Why use a Stropping board?

I use my stropping board every time - without fail - after using the sharpening boards, because it makes the blades so much sharper.

Contents of our Stropping Kit

  • A Stropping Board, same as with the Sharpening Board but without the end-holes or hardware.
  • Sheet of high-grade stropping leather which you will glue onto the stropping board. This piece of leather is sized just right to fit the board, no cutting is required.
  • A small bottle of green Chromium Oxide which you will apply to the leather - one time only (but you can add more when necessary). This is an abrasive compound and even though the bottle is small, it is enough to last about 5 years of frequent use of the stropping board.
  • Needed from a hardware store: Contact cement - for gluing the leather onto the board.


    A finished board before applying the Chromium Oxide. I have sprayed the board with clear polyurethane to seal the wood, then I glued on the leather. After the cement has cured, I used some sandpaper to smooth the edges of the board and leather, and to slightly round off the corners.

    The next page features the Ray-Way Sharpening Video, in which you will learn my method of sharpening the Ray-Way Knife with a novel technique. For those who use their Ray-Way Knives often, you will learn to keep the Knives sharp - and in fact, sharper even than factory.

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