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Sharpening a knife, or handling a sharp knife is potentially dangerous and must be done with the utmost care - and without distractions.

Our Sharpening and Stropping Kits are designed to sharpen the Ray-Way knife as well as any other smooth-edge (non serrated) knife. They can even sharpen scissors, chisels, etc.


A selection of Ray-Way Knives and a Sharpening Board ready for action.

Advantages of our Sharpening Kits

  • The Sharpening Kits will never wear out - you simply change the wet-&-dry. I have been using my Sharpening Kits for about 15 years, and they are still going strong. (The Stropping Kit will never wear out either.)
  • Unlike conventional whetstones or sharpening stones, which tend to dish out with a lot of use, our Sharpening Boards stay flat. That means that you always have a true surface to work with. This makes the sharping process much more accurate; and thus, you produce a sharper knife.
  • Conventional whetstones or sharpening stones also accumulate grime, finger oil, and steel dust which become embedded in the surface and the "pores" just below the surface. these act like a buffer to impede the sharpening process. Our sharpening paper does not accumulate these things. That might sound insignificant but it is the main reason why I personally use this system.
  • Our Sharpening Kits are much more economical than if you were to buy three grades of sharping stones (course, medium, and fine). Only one good sharping stone would easily pay for all three Sharpening Kits. And when that stone becomes dished, you would have to buy another one. One sheet of silicone carbide, available at your local hardware store, and cut into size, will make three changes of abrasive surface for the sharping board. So when the piece of silicone carbide wears out, you simply change it for a new one.
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    The Ray-Way Knife Sharpening Kit is good for sharpening all sorts of non-serrated knives and even scissors.

    Contents of our Sharpening Kit

  • Sharpening Board. We choose high-quality wood and mill it down to size, so that it fits the sheets of wet-&-dry. This wood is hard so it resists being dented yet it is lightweight and easy to sand. At the same time, it is attractive and takes a beautiful sheen.
  • The Sharpening Kit comes with three grits of silicone carbide wet-&-dry (course, medium, and fine), which you can easily change as needed. Personally, I use three Sharpening Kits - one loaded with each grit. I have found that having three is very convenient - because I don't have to change them for each grit.
  • Hardware and end plates for securing the wet-&-dry to the board.
  • Non-slide pad that goes under the board when being used so the board stays still and also protects the counter- or table-top.
  • The instructions for my unique sharpening method are shown in our Sharpening video. If you decide to not purchase the video, Google "how to sharpen a knife" and you will find a great deal of info. There are dozens and dozens of methods of sharpening a knife. Just substitute your Ray-Way Sharpening Board for their sharpening stone. Caution: If ordering our Video and a Ray-Way knife, don't try any method shown online because it will likely demolish the factory bevel on the Ray-Way knife and make it very difficult to get back.

    • Ray-Way Knife: refer to our Video.
    • Non Ray-Way Knife: try a few methods shown online.

    You will also need these supplies from a hardware store:

    For the Sharpening Kit:

      * A sheet of sandpaper, about 320-grit - for smoothing the wood prior to sealing.

      * Spray can of clear polyurethane, fast-drying, or varnish, etc (if you already have a can of brush-on type, you can use that). - For sealing the wood.

    For the Stropping Kit:

      * Contact cement - for gluing the leather onto the board.

    For the Video:

      * A black, fine point, permanent marking pen - for marking the blade.

      * Spray can of WD-40 or similar lubricant/cleaner - for removing the marks.

      * And a few clean rags, about 6 inches by 8 inches.


    What I use at home: three Knife Sharpening Kits and a Stropping Kit (with green abrasive powder applied to leather). Note: I don't use the knife in the middle; it is there only as an example of a different type of knife the kit can sharpen.

    The Ray-Way Knife blade will do a LOT of cutting before it needs sharpening. It started out very sharp, and the steel is extremely high quality. In fact, some of our customer's Ray-Way Knives will probably never need sharpening, if well cared for. At the same time, with a lot of use, any knife will become dull, but using our sharpening kits will easily bring the sharpness back.

    So here is what we recommend for one person:

    1 or 3 Sharpening Kits, 1 Stropping Kit, and 1 Video.

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