The Ray-Way Tarp Book Essential

How to Camp with this Versatile, Lightweight Shelter - Safely and Enjoyably

Ray's book #8, 2011

Ray Jardine

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The Ray Way Tarp Book Essential is for those seeking to go beyond camping as usual. Welcome to "Ray's School of Lightweight Camping and Hiking." Ray's tarp is no ordinary product of simple geometry. He has been making homemade gear on his sewing machine for years, and his insights into tarp evolution are worth considering when it comes to giving credit where credit is due. Ray describes his long process of elimination, and how he was finally able to break through a new door, one that forever changed his perception of camp life. The techniques he describes in this book perform beautifully. When strategically and properly applied, Ray shows you how they expand both safety and comfort in more ways than one.

Sewing a tarp is pretty much a prerequisite for getting the most out of this book. The Ray-Way tarp is one of a kind - the best kind - and you won't find it ready-made. Fortunately, it's one of his easier projects, and like all things hand crafted, it becomes an extension of its maker.

Your perseverance will be a gift to yourself. Don't fear the wind, driving rain, mosquitoes, or whatever else might be bugging you about camping with an open ended shelter. Ray has all those bases covered, and more. His book challenges you to become more in tune with your surroundings, and he teaches you how to thrive in the face of adversity.

Ray shows you how to master the art of the perfect pitch. Chapter by chapter he reveals his secrets of lightweight tarp camping. With a little patience and a lot of practice, your camping style will become better adapted to canceling out those sometimes undesirable forces of Nature.

"The Ray-Way Tarp Book Essential" is another pillar in the Ray Jardine adventure library. The details are inordinately well thought out, and Ray has condensed some of the best lessons from his life of adventure. Like all his books, it isn't designed for sitting on the shelf after you've read it. Ray's books take on a life of their own, almost begging you to keep them close at hand and free of dust.

I have used a tarp the Ray-Way for years with nothing but excellent results, and especially so while long distance backpacking. In short, Ray's home sewing kits and books are some of the best humanity has to offer.

- Will Lady

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