Siku Kayak

Paddling the Coast of Arctic Alaska

Ray's book #4, 1996

Ray Jardine

Siku Kayak

Paddling the Coast of Arctic Alaska

by Ray Jardine

With their home-built kayak, Ray and Jenny Jardine come face to face with the beauty and wildness of Alaska's northern coast.

256 adventure-packed pages272 b&w photos, 13 maps$8.95    ISBN 0-9632359-6-6

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Join Ray and Jenny as they paddle their home-built kayak 1,400 miles to the top of Alaska and beyond. You'll discover more about the Arctic coastline than any tourist ever dreamed of. But get ready to test your mettle: you'll find whales and caribou, tundra and grizzlies, permafrost and puffins, and a beauty and vastness that tugs at your heart.

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"I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to read about your adventures in your Siku Kayak book. What will and determination it must have taken to continue on at times, and also to make the decision to not continue further. The pictures were well worth a million words, as realizing that the ice may not let you back to shore: AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing with us." -Steven S.

Photos from the book Siku Kayak

The book includes 272 photos, and to make the publication economically feasible we had to print them in black and white. This many quality color photos would have been prohibitively expensive. So for those people who have purchased the book, we are reproducing the color photos here on the web.

Jenny stands on the scales with the competed kayak.

Siku Kayak, Ray Jardine, 2005
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