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Included with the kits are all the materials needed, and detailed, step-by-step instructions with many illustrations.

Fabric Colors Options

Our Backpack Kit Color Options are shown on our Order Form.

Clear instructions

Each Backpack Kit contains a full set of illustrated instructions, written by us (Ray and Jenny). These instructions guide you through the cutting and sewing process, step by step. Many hundreds of people have completed our Backpack Kits, and most of them had no sewing experience. The key for success is to read our instructions carefully, and to proceed one step at a time.

Note: We have found that people with no sewing experience have the highest rate of success, approaching 100%. This is because they tend to read the instructions more carefully. Virtually the only ones who have problems are the ones that try to figure things out ahead of time. So for the best results, we recommend reading only one step at a time, and concentrating on only that step; then once that step in completed, moving on the next step.

Notions needed (Not included in the kits): White or light-colored non-permanent marking pencil for marking the dark webbing and fabrics. Clear adhesive tape, such as Scotch brand. Glue stick. Dressmaking Pins (or straight Pins). Recommended: 1/4" brass grommet and installation tools, Super Glue Gel (or plain Super Glue).

What type of sewing machine is required?

Our Backpack Kits comprise very lightweight materials that are easily sewn. The sewing machine need not be robust.

The Backpack Kit requires only a straight stitch and a reversing lever, which virtually all sewing machines have. And although our instructions call for the use of zigzag stitch, you can complete the job without zigzags, if your sewing machine can't do them. Other than that, special types of stitches are not used on our kits.

How long does the sewing take?

We have designed our backpack kits for ease of construction. Novices at our sewing classes typically have made their backpacks in seven to ten hours. You can complete your Backpack in a single session, or spread it out over several relaxing evenings. Either way, every minute spent on your backpack will be quality time, invested in yourself and your future outings and adventures.

Thread Pro

We recommend our Ray-Way Thread Pro for sewing the backpack kit. We consider it to be the world's finest sewing thread. It is considerably stronger than store bought thread, and produces superior results - so your sewing will look more professionally done. What's more, our Thread Pro is easier to use; it does not cause skipping, and it leaves very little lint in your sewing machine and therefore your machine will need less frequent cleaning and fewer adjustments.

Our Thread Pro is not included in our kits, but is a separate item listed on our Order Form.

We love this pack design! You can tell it was designed was with the help of mountains, deserts, wind, rain, and long trails! There really isn't a better pack for lightweight wilderness travel! Thanks again for sharing your timeless designs. James and Gena G.

Will Lady on the PCT at Burney Falls.

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