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Pg 15: Ngaio, Age 10

Marking out the webbing for the straps.
Drawing the lines to show where to sew the sock straps on.
Sewing the half round onto the front and sides.

"I've done a lot of camping all using a tarp and making campfires where possible.

In 2004 I did the first two chunks of the Offa's Dyke Path and the final chunk in 2005. We had cookfires with every hot meal we ate, sometimes finishing off with toasted marshmallows. The Offa's Dyke took us about 15 days.

In 2006 I walked the Coast to Coast in about 2 1/2 weeks and at the end, when we dipped our feet in the sea, the water stung where my sandals had rubbed. We always walk in sandals because they are very practical and dry quickly. I carried a mini version of the backpack I made on the journey. We started at St. Bees and finished at Robin Hoods Bay.

I have camped in the lake district more times than I can remember. The first time I went it was blowing a gale and we were under a poly tarp so you could see everything and that was amazing.

I've only ever done small things with sewing like swim bags and pencil cases but my backpack was quite different. I am really pleased with it. I had several birds nests due to the machine not being threaded properly after I'd wound the bobbin - oops!

The worst problem was with a half round I had sewn on and then sewn the backpack together and after realised it was on the wrong way around, it took ages to fix but it was worth it. I'm looking forward to doing another type of kit sometime."

Sewing the front/side seam.
Me with completed backpack!
(Colors: B black F/S light blue E navy.

Note from mike: "My daughter (aged 10) today completed her backpack. She sewed this completely by herself following your instructions and watching the DVD several times. She took about 1 week and, at a guess, maybe 30 hours. It's gone amazingly smoothly and I was only really asked to clarify things very occasionally which given her age is a great testament for the quality of the backpack kit instructions. Obviously she is very pleased with herself and her confidence in her sewing skills has grown enormously." - Mike G.

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