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Pg 14: Adam, Age 11

My son and I finally finished our new backpack kits just in time for a 5 day trip in Desolation Wilderness. This was his second project after starting on a quilt stowbag. This was my third backpack project in addition to quilt, tarp, hat, etc. We have been busy, but we did this step by step over many months, taking our time.

In addition to the clear instructions that come with the kits, we had the "Sewing the Backpack" video as well. This helped tremendously, as I had no previous sewing experience, having learned to sew from these kits. Seeing someone knowledgeable sewing the same item was very helpful.

Double checking the instructions.

Attaching the shoulder straps to the reinforcement patch.

Reading the instructions. Video on the portable DVD player next to the sewing machine.

Thanks again for making your designs and kits available.

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