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Climbing Middle Sister (10,358 feet, 3,157 m ) with ten Ray-Way backpacks.

Pg 12: Backpacks at Our Classes

Sixteen student-made Ray-Way backpacks (2,200 in3) loaded with Ray-Way Tarps and Quilts at one of our outdoor classes. The base-line pack wights of each averaged 11 pounds for a full week of hiking and camping enjoyment.

Note: we have since added a draw-cord closure at the top of the backpack where it meets the extension collar (shown more clearly on page 7).

Ray's 2,200 cubic-inches backpack at one of our outdoor classes. Here he is carrying a load of water to a high camp.

A student at one of our outdoor classes makes good use of his backpack's outside pockets.

Each person is carrying a load of water to our high camp.

This student is using about 2/3's of the pack's extension collar. We don't recommend filling the extension collar for normal hiking, but it is there if needed, and it makes a very large and spacious backpack. (2,200 in3 plus pockets and extension = Total volume 3,800 in3)

A student at one of our sewing classes making his backpack. We developed our backpack kit instructions at our sewing classes. The students had never sewn before. About a dozen people made backpacks, and each one turned out fabulous.



During the three days, this student made a nice backpack and also nearly completed a quilt.

Three more Ray-Way backpacks at another sewing class.

First time sewing. All in three days.

At one of our classes.

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