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What to do when you gave us the wrong shipping address

    We usually ship fast, so please double-check your order before submission.

  • "Yikes! I used the wrong shipping address (without first double-checking it)."
    • "PayPal (or my credit card company) had an old shipping address on my account, and I didn't notice until after I had submitted my order."

      Translation: I moved and forgot to change my address on my PayPal (or my credit card) account. Then when I placed the order with Ray-Way, I neglected to double-check my address before submission. After I had submitted the order, that is when I noticed my old shipping address.

      Answer: We usually ship fast, and after we have shipped a package it is out of our hands. Unfortunately at that point we are unable to change the shipping address, or to recall a package. So it is up to the customer to set things straight.

      Step 1) Update your address on your PayPal (or your credit card) account to prevent that from happening again.

      Step 2) Call or visit your post office at your former address right away, and tell them that you want everything forwarded to your new address.

        In some cases this works. But sometimes (due to the risks of fraud, and because trying to find a package especially in a large P.O. makes prohibitively more work for them) it may not work. In which case, the Postal Service will send your package to the address you originally specified. If the residents at that address accept the package, then you might consider it your gift to them. And if that happens, please don't blame us, or expect us to send you a new package. We followed your shipping instructions.

        However, if the residents at your old address deny the package on delivery, or generously take the time and trouble to take it back to the P.O., then the Postal Service will eventually return it to us. How long does that take? This doesn't happen very often, thankfully, but you may be looking at several months.

        When a returned package shows up at our P.O., we will notify you immediately and ask for your current address and payment to cover the new postage. But if you paid for Priority Mail shipping, the Postal Service may ship your package to your new address at no extra charge.

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    We hope you received your package!

    We thank you for your order, and appreciate your business.

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