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What to do if your package has not yet arrived

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What to do when your package has not yet arrived.

  • First, please check that the ship-to address you gave us is correct.

    To do this, check the receipt we emailed you. Or log in to your PayPal account, or your credit card account, and check your Ray-Way order. These records will list your ship-to address.

    If the address is not correct, please read what to do if you gave us the Wrong Shipping Address.

  • Second, did you specify "Parcel Post" shipping?
  • Sometimes, Parcel Post can take longer than what you might expect. Read and follow the next step, but at the same time, don't jump the gun.

  • Third, contact your local post office and request that they please check the premises for your package.
    • If you ordered a Quilt Kit, the box is a plain brown cardboard box that is fairly large - 16 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches, or sometimes larger. Your postmaster may need this information when looking for your box.

    We have found that, nine times out of ten, the package will be at your post office, and either the staff failed to notify you, or they have not delivered it to you for some reason.

    Also, we have found that the U.S. Postal Service is fairly reliable, but not always efficient. Sometimes they will mis-route a package, in which case the delivery to your correct address may be delayed for several weeks. This is especially true if you chose Parcel Post.

    After two or three weeks from when we mailed your package, and after you have done all of the above, please contact us. We will want to know what your postmaster recommended. At this point we will look up your order on our records, and decide what to do next.

    If and when your package arrives, please contact us again so we can call off the search.

  • If the shipment was international, the above recommendations still apply. But additionally, your package may have been delayed in Customs.
  • In addition to contacting your postal service, you might contact your Customs Office and request that they please check the premises for your package.

    On International shipments, the USPS tracking number will track only to Los Angeles, from where the package leaves the U.S.

    On Priority International shipments, the tracking number is also the Customs Declaration and Dispatch number for your package.

We thank you for your order, and appreciate your business!

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