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Thank you for your interest in our Products!

  • How to leave feedback:
    • Remember that enthusiasm is contagious!

      We love our little business of making kits for people, and also writing books on the outdoor life.

      After making your kit, and using it in the outdoors, please post feedback to our Guestbook. We would like to know how the sewing went, and if you thought that our instructions were clear (or not). And we want to know about your experience of using your homemade Ray-Way gear in the outdoors. And what other people thought of it. And if you are proud of your sewing efforts and if they have made a certain difference in your outlook - please share that with us.

  • How to place an order:
    • A typical visit to Ray-Way Products begins with our Order Form (Click Here).

      Once there, read our "Ordering Guidelines" then begin to scroll down and click on the colored text for more information about our many products.

  • Do we sell (such and such)?

      Everything listed on our Order Form is in stock and ready to ship.

      If an item you are looking for is not listed on our Order Form, then with apologies we do not sell it. Nor do we cater to special requests, because we already have enough work to do filling orders for our kits, books and video DVDs.

      Please note that with apologies we don't give advice on products made by other companies. Nor do we recommend anything made by them. We don't dislike them, far from that, but we have to concentrate on our own products.

  • The order you just placed:

  • Where to start:

      Many thousands of people have made all our kits, and use all our gear on their outings. But most of them started out buying and sewing only one or two kits, and after their initial success, went on to order and sew more.

      And that's the plan we prefer - building sewing experience step-by-step, and learning to hike and camp with only one new item at a time.

      Our philosophy at Ray-Way Products hinges around customer satisfaction.

      So one suggestion is to start by reading Trail Life and making the Tarp Stowbag, then making the Tarp. Then study the Tarp Book Essential while learning to use the tarp. That done, you are all set for more kits.

      The "Ray's 2010 A.T. Gear Video" shows this gear in action, and is a great resource for first-time tarp users.

    Question: What is your mailing address at Ray-Way Products?

    Our Answer: Our mailing address is listed on the "Contact Us" tab, at the top of every page of our website.

    "Hey guys. I've long thought about writing and finally merely decided to say "thanks". Simply - thanks. Thanks for always being there, for your forward thinking, for your inspiration, for proving it can be done, for being bulletproof to the non-believers, for never quitting, for doing it right, for doing it first, for doing it best. With great appreciation, respect, and sincerity - simply - thanks." - J.G.G., Virginia

    "I suspect what keeps most--if not all of us--coming back to the "Ray-Way" is a simple thing called TRUST! We know that what Ray & Jenny offer actually works, and does so most efficiently. Without reference to age, they are truly "elder statesmen" -- they've been there, done that and the rest of us benefit from those years of amassed wisdom. In a world of hyper consumerism, it isn't always easy to know who to trust." -Chris A.

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